Zack Lozano won’t leave it in the hands of the judges at CFC 9

Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 9: The Return will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, at Middle Tennessee Expo in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

On that night we will see Zack Lozano fixing to fight in the biggest fight of his young career. He is taking on the man that beat him in his debut fight in MMA. There are very few second chances in life, but on March 6th in Murfreesboro Tennessee at CFC 9 Zack Lozano gets his second chance when he takes on the #4 ranked featherweight in the CFC George Pieratt!

Zack sat down with Roberto Villa CEO of FightBook MMA about his rematch, training and more. Check out the conversation below.

Roberto: Zack it’s getting close to fight night, thanks for talking with us. How has training been going for your big fight in the CFC on March 6th?

Zack: Thank you for having me. Training has been going exceptionally well. I’ve had a couple fights for other promotions outside of the CFC so I’ve literally been keeping my body in “fight shape” for pretty much all of 2020 and now 2021.

Roberto: Zack you have fought some serious competition your first two fights in the CFC. #1 ranked featherweight Bo Williams and #4 ranked featherweight George Pieratt! At CFC 9 on March 6th you are getting the opportunity to rematch Pieratt who beat you by split decision in your first fight. Did you think he deserved the razor thin decision or do you feel like it should have went your way?

Zack: Yes I definitely have fought some good competition in the CFC. That first fight we were both novice and I feel like we didn’t really show our true skills in there. I thought I should’ve taken it. It seems to me like the fans thought that I should’ve won it but I can’t leave it in the hands of the judges this go around.

Roberto: Well you have accepted the rematch so you clearly think the official result will be different this time. What do you think you’ll need to do in this fight that you didn’t do in the first fight to get the nod from the judges?

Zack: Staying active, also remembering that there’s more than one way to finish a fight. Understanding my opportunities and capitalizing on them. I’ve got a couple tricks up my sleeve this go around so I’m not gonna share too much but it’ll definitely be a different Zach than what you saw the first time, Period!

Roberto: A lot of times after two guys fight there is a tension between the two or sometimes it is straight up beef. Is there any personal things between you and Pieratt or have you guys gotten along good since the fight between you two?

Zack: The feelings have been mutual I don’t hate the guy but when you punch somebody in the face for over 10 minutes you eventually build up that respect. I’ve seen him in passing at other promotions and it’s always been cordial. At an amateur level in the fight game we are all trying to get to that next tier so there’s no need for that extra bullshit. Unless someone runs their mouth, then that’s a different story.

Roberto: Zack is there anybody else in the CFC that you would like to get your hands on or do you just fight whoever they put in front of you?

Zack: This is the first time that I’m fighting at lightweight I previously fought at featherweight in the CFC and in bantamweight in a another promotion. Ultimately we’ll see how this goes I would love to fight for the CFC 135 title this next go around, which is vacant, whoever wants it can come get it!

Roberto: We’re excited for your fight March 6th and we’ll be excited to see how this rematch turns out! Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to Zack before we go?

Zack: I’m excited as well and ready to put in work in that cage! I would like to give a shout out to all of my coaches and teammates specifically Logan Nash Kyle Lee Sean Patton Gabriel Silva Alex Marin Roscoe, Jason Baker Dacarri Turner Jamal Turner Christian Lozano Claude Maniu Seth Sirgo Jason Herring Tyler Plant, Brent Bale, Paul Gardiner, and Spencer Brandon. Then of course my family and close friends. They have all played a pivotal part in sharping the tools and supporting me through this journey. Be there March 6th!!


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