Zaur Dzhavadov on top at LNK Fight Night 16 in Riga

The World Kickboxing Network returned to the Baltic region on August 29 with LNK Fight Night 16 held at Studio 69 in Riga, Latvia. The event presented by Vadim Milov and Eugene Sapronenko aired live on pay-per-view.

The highlight of the show saw Azerbaijani-Latvian Zaur Dzhavadov squaring off against Sebastian Fapso of Slovakia. The pair battled it out for WKN International middleweight title.

A very technical and spectacular contest went a full distance. In the end the representative of the country-host earned a unanimous decision and took the belt.

In addition to the win Zaur Dzhavadov updated his record to 39-10, 22 KO, and scored the fourteenth win in a row.

Earlier in his career Dzhavadov won WKN European middleweight title. He was scheduled to challenge for WKN Gold this past April, but the event was postponed due to pandemic. Being top ranked in the division, he will challenge for the world title at the future show.

The rest of LNK Fight Night 16 card saw a series of boxing bouts. Among the results, Artjoms Ramlavs KO’d Ahmet Cicek, and Milans Volkovs and Kristaps Zile fought it into a draw.

LNK Fight Night 16 main card results: 

Zaur Dzhavadov def. Sebastian Fapso by unanimous decision

Artjoms Ramlavs def. Ahmet Cicek by KO

Milans Volkovs vs. Kristaps Zile – Draw

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