Zimbabwean MMA Federation Extends IMMAF Footprint In Africa

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) is pleased to announce that Zimbabwe is the latest African nation to join the IMMAF via the Zimbabwe Mixed Martial Arts Association (ZMMAA)

The ZMMAA, headed by organization president Felix Munyaradzi Matsitsiro, now joins a flourishing network of skilled and dedicated individuals within Africa. ZMMAA’s goals are to draw up and ensure the regulation of MMA in Zimbabwe, improve overall MMA development, ensure the protection of members and introduce engaging promotion of the sport in line with IMMAF values. 

In particular, ZMMAA has a key focus on youth development and acquiring young members with a vision to spread respect through the sport of MMA among the youth of Zimbabwe.  

To date, foundations have been established by ZMMAA via its fundraising efforts, at social events, collaborations with music festivals, sponsor donations, and yearly membership. Plans are in place for national championships and the participation of Team Zimbabwe at IMMAF’s international championships, with education and official certification of coaches set as the organization’s priority goals.

IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said:

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“It’s fantastic to see the sport of MMA continuing to grow and develop at a grassroots level across Africa. The recognition of the Zimbabwean MMA Federation as a member sees the number of IMMAF nations on the continent rise to nineteen. We look forward to welcoming Zimbabwean delegates and talent to IMMAF events in 2022 and to witnessing Zimbabwe’s rising stars.”


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