10 Health Brands You Can Trust with Strength-Building

As an MMA fighter, keeping your health in optimal condition is incredibly important. Many people who are training in mixed martial arts will include a reputable health brand as part of their training regimen, and now in the age of the Internet, it is easier than ever to find a great, reputable brand that is in line with your health and fitness goals as an MMA fighter. 

When training in MMA, or mixed martial arts, it can be difficult to determine which health brands you can trust with your fitness and strength-building journey. There are a variety of different brands that are great options to aid in your health and wellness journey, it is just a matter of finding them, and determining which ones you can trust. If you’re looking for trustworthy brands, however, look no further. 

USANA Health Sciences 

USANA Health Sciences fuels your MMA journey through healthy, nutritional products created just for you. They offer a variety of products, from skincare to nutritionals, to active nutrition, and much, much more. They are your one-stop shop for all of your nutritional needs, whether it’s a new bottle of toothpaste or a protein powder mix for your morning smoothie. 

HUM Vitamins 

If you’re looking for all-natural vitamins to supplement your diet, HUM is a great place to start. They’ll help you supplement with the extra vitamins and nutrients that you need. 


This metabolic fitness programme tracks your blood glucose levels in real-time. By keeping on track with your metabolic health, you’ll be able to increase your health and fitness and reach your goals faster. 


Golde offers a healthier alternative to your typical cafe-style drinks, such as lattes and mochas. They incorporate different superfood ingredients into their products, such as their turmeric latte mix. 

Care Of 

This modern vitamin brand will give you a personalised vitamin pack to take daily based on your specific nutrition goals and needs. With their simple online quiz, you can figure out just what you may be missing in your diet. 

Keep Health

This one-stop resource will help you find products to use and articles to read that will help you build strength and reach your health and fitness goals. 


Organifi provides you with plant-based superfood blends. We all know the impact of superfoods in your strength-building exercises is great, so this brand is a great way to supplement your strength-training regimen. 


Kynd develops some great health and beauty supplements to implement into your daily routine. Whether it’s magnesium or a multivitamin, they’ve got you covered. 


Yet another all-natural vitamin brand! Ritual is great in that they are innovating the vitamin industry with customised multivitamins to fit your specific goals and needs. 

Athletic Greens 

Interested in drinking your vitamins instead? Athletic Greens will help you build strength in your routine by incorporating their delicious, nutritious products into your daily routine. They have a variety of powders that you can mix into water or your favourite drinks and will help you build strength in your MMA training journey. 

Of course, with all of these health brands, it is important to consult your doctor before starting on any new regimen. While all of these brands are tried and tested, your doctor may help you find a nutrition regimen through a combination of these brands that works best for you. 

When you start using a new health brand, you may not see the results that you’re looking for right away. This takes time. With continual use, as well as continual strength-building in your MMA training regimen, you’ll soon find your energy levels being supported and progress being made. MMA training and strength-building takes a lot of time and a lot of patience, and it is important to be kind and patient with yourself during this process. With a great health brand that you can trust, you will find that your entire training regimen is a bit easier, and more enjoyable. 


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