3 Healthy Ways to Gain Muscle

Over the course of the day, you have a very good chance of seeing an ad or watching a commercial pushing the latest and greatest weight loss product. This makes sense considering how popular the dieting industry is with people of all ages. In addition to losing weight, have you ever thought about how there are also people who are wanting to gain weight; to gain muscle mass? Maybe this is you. If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, you’ll be happy to hear that healthy muscle gain is possible to achieve and often times just a few lifestyle changes are all that’s needed, starting with your diet. Keep reading for three ways to work with your diet to gain muscle, while also improving your overall health and wellness.

1. Understand How Your Body Works 
Do you have a handle on how your body operates? For starters, understanding the differences between muscle and fat and how they work within your body will go a long way in helping you reach your goal.
If you have ever tried to get in better shape by dieting or starting an exercise routine, you know that results don’t always come quickly. This can also ring true when your goal is to gain muscle mass. In this case, don’t be afraid to call for some backup, such as the thrive patch, to give your body a little boost. Supplements can be very useful for providing the energy and fuel that builds and nourishes muscles while also encouraging your body to burn excess fat.

You have probably heard about body mass index (BMI) as a way to determine your overall health. While it can be a useful tool to some extent, keep in mind that it’s not the be-all formula in the case of healthy weight gain. Why not? Because it doesn’t differentiate between existing muscle and existing fat. If you’re looking for a simple way to monitor fat loss, measuring your waist can tell you a lot. Remember, one pound of muscle weights the same as one pound of fat. For instance, if you notice your waist measurement shrinking while the number on the scale is going up, chances are you’re on the right track.

2. Fuel Your Body With the Right Foods
Since your goal is to gain weight, you might have had a moment of excitement thinking about devouring bags of chips and king-sized candy bars. Unfortunately, these treats aren’t exactly the way to gain healthy weight. Stocking your kitchen with these seriously good-for-you foods will help you to build muscle, increase and sustain energy and burn away fat. Limiting processed foods, alcoholic beverages and refined carbohydrates will increase your chances of success.
Making smarter food choices can be tough, especially at first. Be kind to yourself and set realistic expectations. This will allow you to gain momentum slowly, rather than get frustrated and stall out.

3. Create Meal Plans and Follow a Schedule
You already know that what you eat makes all the difference, but do you have a meal plan? Creating one is not only necessary for meeting your dietary needs, it will ensure you are always prepared with the right foods (and less likely to plow through that bag of chips). So, don’t forget to include the smaller meals and snacks because this is what will keep you on track throughout the day. For example, stocking your desk drawer with diet-friendly options is essential especially when the afternoon slump hits. Portioning out your food ahead of time will ensure you’re eating the proper amount and will make it easy to grab-and-go.
In addition to your meal plan, knowing when to eat is also key to building muscle and reaching your goals.

Gaining healthy muscle mass is possible and maybe simpler than you might imagine. With dedication and planning, your goal is within reach.

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