3 Ways to Combat Pre-Fight Jitters

It’s easy to see the appeal of MMA from the perspective of spectators. Humans are fairly naturally drawn to both feats of strength and combat, simulated or otherwise. However, it’s more difficult for many to step into the ring themselves. After you’ve invested months or even years into training your body and honing your fighting style, the last thing you need is stage fright. These are the tips that will help you keep a level head when it comes time to square off with your opponent.

Essential Oils

Because stage fright or genuine fear are forms of anxiety, anxiety treatments make a great solution to these problems. One of the simplest and more effective solutions is to use Young Living essential oils. Essential oils are known to reduce stress and anxiety, and they’ve seen widespread use in a number of different forms. For instance, you can use an oil diffuser to distribute the oil into the air as vapors, or you can wear an essential oil infused bracelet, letting direct contact with the skin do the trick over a period of time. It’s important to note that essential oils aren’t for everyone, and some people have had severe allergic reactions, so be cautious when and if you implement them into your fighting prep. More accurately, conduct a test at home well in advance of your bout, just in case it doesn’t agree with your body chemistry.


On a similar note, CBD is proven to reduce anxiety, in addition to pain. CBD is part of the dynamic duo that contribute most of marijauana’s effect, the other being the psychoactive component, THC. Unlike THC, CBD on its own has no such mind altering effects, and it has also become widely adopted as a non narcotic medicine to treat mental illness and chronic pain. It can make an effective treatment for anxiety leading up to a stressful event, such as an organized fight between high level professionals. Marijuana is already non addictive, so there’s definitely no reason to worry about the potential to get hooked on CBD, and it doesn’t have much in the way of negative side effects, unlike prescription anxiety medicine, so it’s arguably a safer alternative, but you also don’t need a prescription, making it more accessible for situational use by someone who is otherwise mentally healthy.


This one might be a bit controversial to trained fighters, but yoga is a great way to put your mind at ease while also working your body. While yoga might look like an inferior form of exercise, and it may well be, depending on your needs, it’s nonetheless an adequate way to train your body while also taking care of your brain. Yoga promotes mental well being from the ground up by encouraging the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your body, your mind, and the relationship between the two, and it can transform a person’s mental health by putting them in tune with their entire self. For example, you might start to breathe more heavily or rapidly when you get stressed, or might be clenching your jaw without knowing it. Mindfulness can help you identify those tells and help you avoid certain triggers or remind yourself that everything is fine. In some cases, you can actively decide to stop engaging in certain behavior that is a subconscious side effect of anxiety thanks to being aware of yourself in totality. What really seals the deal is that, while these behaviors are brought on by stress, they can also contribute to yet more stress, and that makes mindfulness one of the most powerful tools available to someone dealing with anxiety, as well as depression.

Stepping into a fighting arena is an unenviable position. While many people think that they would revel in it, what makes the sport impressive to begin with is the danger element, so there’s no shame in getting the shakes in those moments leading up to your bout. These tips will help you manage those shakes in order to defeat the mind killer that is fear and come out on top.


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