4 Essential Wrestling Gears That Must Be In Your Locker Room

(Tim Berger/Staff Photographer)

Wrestling is a competitive game, and you got to hustle for every moment in order to reach the moment of victory. There comes a moment in a wrestling match where your opponent takes one misstep, and you get to overtake with your best move. You move forward for a takedown, holding the pin, and in the next moment, the referee is holding your hands up: victorious!

Isn’t that sweet? But how do you get to this scenario? How do you become stronger, faster, and agile than your opponent? Of course, it takes hard work and practice, but you will also require the right wrestling gear to help you inside the ring. 

Here is the top wrestling gear you will need in a match.

#1 Shoes

Shoes are the most important piece you need to buy. Just like football cleats are essential for footballers, wrestlers need to look for wrestling shoes. These shoes have to be flexible and stretchy to provide you with the right comfort in the ring. You need to understand the right fit of your shoes in order to optimally use on the ring. Your first investment should be in good quality shoes. Check the latest brands that are offering wrestling shoes for the players and invest in them. 

#2 Singlets

When it comes to top wrestling gears, you cannot ignore the need for singlets. It is extremely important to get a needed comfort during wrestling, and a good quality singlet will keep your body off the sweat and irritation, thereby enhancing your performance. The product should be a blend of durability and comfort. Whether you are a man or woman, a good singlet is a must-have before jumping into the ring. 

#3 Headgear

Wrestling matches are a high-risk zone for head injuries; if you don’t want to get yourself in trouble, you must think about buying durable headgears. These are protective wrestling gears that protects you from any uncertain head injuries. It should come with adjustable straps and promote airflow. Make sure that the headgear you choose allows you to listen to the surrounding, or else you will not be able to respond to your opponent’s move from the back. 

#4 Mouthguard

Another important wrestling gear to invest in is a mouthguard. The jaw punches can be detrimental to your teeth and jawline. A mouthguard will provide the required coverage to your mouth and protecting you from the hit. You must look for personalized mouthguards that you can make for your mouth. Make sure they are made with quality materials and have higher durability. Your mouthguard must be able to withstand the hits and jerks. Don’t wait until you get a big hit; take all the protective measures. 

These are the best wrestling gear you will require to get started with a wrestling match and ensure you are well protected. The gears you invest in today will definitely reflect in your performance tomorrow. That’s why you must always look out for good quality wrestling gears. 


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