4 Important Resources Required to Start an MMA Gym

If you follow Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and have been giving thought to opening a gym in the Phoenix area, you are not alone. The popularity of MMA has grown explosively over the course of the last decade and is now the third most popular sport in the world behind soccer and basketball. MMA training facilities are opening up around the globe as well. There has never been a better time to catch the wave of opening a gym that, if successful, can be quite lucrative. The disclaimer here is that you must make certain to be adequately prepared if you are going to start an MMA facility. In addition to creating a functional, realistic business plan, it is essential that you acquire certain necessary resources. Here are a few things most professional trainers regard as indispensable.

Solid Legal Representation

Mixed Martial Arts is a contact sport. People come to MMA gyms to learn, improve and perfect their fighting skills. It is entirely possible that someone in your new gym may get knocked down, injured or taught a needed—but humiliating—lesson. Everyone who comes into your facility to train must be apprised of the risks involved. Because you are well-aware of those possibilities, you will want to have insurance, first aid and above all legal coverage. Your first contact, before anyone steps foot in a ring, should be with knowledgeable legal counsel and ancillary support such as court reporters Phoenix. Just as you would not foolishly allow a rank amateur to match up in full contact with a seasoned veteran, so you will want an experienced legal team in your corner just in case they are needed.

Quality Equipment

There are several reasons you should invest in the best equipment as you prepare to open your gym:

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  • Impress your potential members. In this digital age, people may buy SUVs online. However, before they sign up for a training membership, they will check out your facility. Excellent equipment, like good word-of-mouth, is sure advertising.
  • Safety is a by-product of good equipment. Sealed seams, properly weighted pads and covered buckles protect your students and trainers.
  • Durability ultimately leads to economy. Good equipment may cost twice as much as the cheap stuff but it will last three times as long, meaning it will save you money.
  • You will make your insurance agent happy by only allowing undamaged, better-quality gear into your place.

Ideal Location

Choosing the best location depends to a great extent on your intentions for your club. Some owners may want a stand-alone facility. Others may want the networking that comes from housing your operation inside a larger fitness organization or a recreational center like a Y. Your plan is the number one consideration regarding location. Beyond that, there are many practical considerations to take into account, such as proximity to parking, monthly mortgage or rent, the structural integrity of the building and the appeal of the neighborhood. MMA proponents often recommend seeking a location with high visibility. This will overcome the old stereotype of the dark, sweaty hole-in-the-wall stuck in a back alley with the reality of a clean, well-lit, well-maintained gym. You will likely want both lots of glass for passersby to look in and signage so they will understand what they are seeing.

Worthy Staff

None of the other resources matter if you do not have the best trainers you can employ, MMA is considered one of the most challenging sports for a reason. Your clientele will be drawn to personable, dependable instructors with as much experience as possible. For your purposes, you will want your trainers to be open to the direction you want to establish for the gym and to be willing to follow your guidance. You will want the sort of instructors who will have your back whenever issues crop up—trainers for whom you are glad to protect their six when necessary.

Another question is, how are you going to attract and retain these ideal trainers? Following these suggestions will go a long way to demonstrating to potential instructors just what sort of facility you are operating.

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