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Inside the ring, your focus is lasered in. The cheering of fans, the exhilaration of a new match and the atmosphere can have your heart rate up and your energy levels soaring. Maintaining energy levels is not always easy or consistent. It is natural to have ups and downs in your energy, especially when you train as hard as you do. Caffeine isn’t the only pick-me-up. Here are some natural ways to increase your energy before, during and after a fight.

1. Preventative Care

Regular physicals and open lines of communication with your primary care provider can help you to look and feel your best. Preventative care screenings and lab work can diagnosis issues early on, before they become a serious problem. Your doctor can listen to your heart, evaluate labs and check your thyroid health. Issues with any of those can cause decreased energy levels, decrease your performance and may even put you at risk in the ring. Correction of irregular lab values or other health issues could improve energy levels.

2. Sleep

Sleep is the most natural way our body restores energy, so it only makes sense that improving the quality of your sleep will increase your energy levels. Some people are great sleepers. Others are not. No matter where you fall on the wide range of sleep quality, there are some simple things you can try to improve your sleep quality. A better night’s rest will leave you feeling more refreshed and energized the next day. Sleeping well consistently, especially during the fighting season, will leave you feeling great.

So, how exactly do you sleep better? You can start by creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and sleep. Keep your bedroom at a cool temperature and as dark as possible. A ceiling fan and blackout curtains can help with this. Next, you might want to consider the use of a sound machine, especially if you live in a big, noisy city. Lastly, in the time leading up to your bedtime, participate in soothing and relaxing activities. Screen time, such as binging the latest television series or scrolling through endless social media posts, can actually hard your sleep quality. Reading a book can help prepare your body and mind to fall asleep as you unwind from the day. A warm bubble bath can also help you relax and settle down before bed. Use lavender or other calming scents to boost the relaxation effects of the bath.

3. Hydrate

As a fighter, you know the importance of adequate hydration to help with physical performance in ring, the weight room and all aspects of training and competing. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is 64 ounces. Athletes know they need to drink more to compensate for intense training and sweating. But did you know that water can actually help give you energy? Dehydration can drain your body of energy because you have to work harder to deliver oxygen to the organs. Significant impacts are seen even when only mild dehydration occurs. Therefore, drinking enough water to stay adequately hydrated can combat feelings of fatigue and help improve physical performance. That’s a win-win for athletes!

4. Workout

Training is a natural part of a fighter’s day. Physical activity gets the blood flowing, improving circulation to the organs, including the brain, which increases oxygen and nutrient delivery. Regular activity increases cardiovascular and respiratory health and can build stamina and endurance. This gives you more energy to do what you need to throughout the day. If you have trouble waking up, consider a light workout to get your blood flowing as you start your day.

Caring for the body is one of the most important tasks humans have. We only have one body and must treat it well. These natural energy fixes can benefit and improve your overall health too, which might even leave you training harder. To get the most of your training and your time in the ring, make sure your energy levels are up and your body is well-cared for. Knock out fatigue by trying a combination of these tips.


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