Fighting takes a lot out of you physically and mentally. After you’ve spent a long day training and getting yourself mentally ready for competition, you need to give both your body and mind adequate time for rest. The techniques that you use to cool down can help to make the most of your training directives. You may be able to derive enhanced benefits from your training when you optimize the way that you spend time recovering and recharging. In this respect, you should treat your post-training activities with the same level of structure, discipline, and importance that you assigned to all of your training. Here are some ways to cover and relax after a hard day of fighting.


When your adrenaline and endorphins are in high gear, it can be tough to wind down and ready your mind and body for rest. Taking some time to meditate when you get home can help you navigate the transition in your energy levels in a more purposeful and structured way. In effect, meditation is an excellent way to slow down your thought process and feel calmer.

Enjoy a Cannabis Product

If you’d like to use a tool that helps you destress, cannabis may be a good option. Compared to other things that people like to use relaxation aids such as sedatives or alcohol, cannabis is less likely to have unwanted side effects or interfere with your training goals. Some strains of cannabis are uplifting and can actually give you an infusion of energy, and others have a more relaxing and calming undertone. Sees out a San Jose dispensary where you can get in-person guidance about what type of cannabis product would best fit your needs.

Cigars for relaxation

Cigars may be another way to help you reduce stress and tension after a long day of activities. Cigars have tremendous ways of quieting anxiety and achieving a state of blissed. You can enjoy a great substitute for relaxation by drinking your favourite beverage with H. Upmann cigars which hide a bunch of mixed flavours at once. They exhibit from rich spicy notes to cocoa, coffee, and cream flavours. The ring range starts with 42 gauge. It differs from most standard cigars, but still delivers an intriguing depth of flavours. With its help, you get more released after a long day of physical activities.

Go for a Walk

Walking is a lot of fighters’ preferred activity to cool down. It helps your heart rate and blood pressure to level out. In addition, it gets blood circulating throughout the extremities that need to repair themselves in a way that’s low-impact and unlikely to worsen inflammation. Also, you’ve probably been spending all your time at the gym working out or sparring, getting some fresh air can give you some of the outdoor time that you’ve been eating.

Fix a Healthy Meal

Refuel your body the right way with a delicious and nutritious meal that gives you protein, fiber, and vital nutrients. Even if you’re not a natural culinary wizard, you should work on getting a few healthy dishes that you really love down cold. Every time that you make something, it’s likely to be better than the last time that you made it. Look online for recipes that include the foods that you’re trying to work into your training diet.

It’s important to note that if you don’t particularly enjoy spending time in the kitchen, it’s probable that you really won’t feel like spending time thereafter a long day fighting. If this is the case, do meal prep before you start your training for the day so most of the hard work will be done for you when you get home. And you can just focus on relaxing and enjoying the product of your efforts.

Watch Something Inspiring

A passive activity like watching a movie can give you a sorely needed dose of relaxation after you’ve just spent a lot of time putting tons of energy into fighting. Ideally, you should watch something that will be engaging but also motivating. Pick a movie, documentary, or show that features characters who successfully work hard to achieve their goals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about fighting to inspire you, but be sure to make at least some time in your programming schedule for some planning and well done movies about fighting. It’s a fun change of pace from just watching actual matches, but may  actually give you some ideas or insights about training or techniques to try in the ring.

Fighters need to take their rest seriously. Be mindful about maintaining balance and getting yourself sufficient rest so that you can start each training session feeling fresh and ready to go.


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