4 of the Best Ways to Manage a Fighting Gym

Fighting gyms, or gyms that focus on mixed martial arts (MMA), are opening up everywhere. It is a popular sport that is continuing to grow. Many people love to watch the professional fighters during UFC competitions and many people love to participate in the sport as well. If you love the sport and are thinking about owning your own gym or already doing so, you probably want the facility to be run well. The following are some of the best ways to manage a fighting gym. 

1. Have a plan

It is important to have a plan for all facets of managing a gym, including facility maintenance, coaching, sales and more. Sales management is critical for successfully running a gym, which consists of having a sales strategy, hiring excellent coaches and staff, and planning and forecasting for the future. In order to be able to manage a gym, you need to have a consistent flow of customers. You want to be able to predict when you will have busier seasons so you can have enough coaches and equipment available for everyone to use. You want to know what your facility bills will be in terms of rent or mortgage, electricity and internet. Staying on top of all of these things starts with a solid sales management strategy. 

2. Train yourself

Managing a successful fighting gym is more successful when you and your coaches are well-trained. This includes both actual MMA fighting and knowing how to coach athletes who are learning this sport. If you haven’t participated in this sport before, consider training at a different gym for some time until you feel like you are proficient enough. In addition to this, take a course or earn a certificate in coaching fighting as well. Though knowing how to do the sport is important, there are specific things to learn when you are going to teach someone else.

In addition to fighting-specific training, knowing the basics of first aid and CPR are important for coaches as well. Smart management of a gym includes providing opportunities for you and your staff to participate in trainings for these skills. In the unfortunate scenario that you have to perform basic first aid or CPR, you want to know that you are prepared. Customers that attend the gym can also have peace of mind knowing that there are people around who can be helpful if needed. 

3. Expand your presence

A gym’s physical location is above all the most important part of its success. It includes where it is, what equipment it has and what it can offer. However, in this era of expanding technology and capabilities, your gym’s online presence is important as well. This entails having both a website and social media accounts. More people will find your gym through an online search than seeing it in person. They may use Google or Instagram to search for fighting gyms in the area.

You want to make your website and social media accounts both informative and visually appealing. On your website and social media bios, have your location, hours and contact information easy to find. Additional information people might look for includes pricing details

and who your coaches are. Consider hiring someone with graphic design experience to help you make your online presence look good and stand out. It does not have to cost a lot of money to have a good-looking website and social media account. 

4. Be consistent

In all areas of managing your gym, you want to be consistent. This includes the classes that you provide, the coaching you give and the prices you charge. In order to maintain a good reputation and well-running gym, you want to make sure that every customer that comes in for a class or training session receives a quality one. It can be harmful to your business to provide classes of varying quality. You should also charge the same rate for the same classes to all similar athletes. This will help you manage your gym effectively and fairly. 

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