5 Amazing Ways In Which Marijuana Can Help With Your Workout

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Almost everyone should indulge in some form of workout, despite the tight schedules to remain active and healthy. Exercise helps in increasing strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Leading an active lifestyle makes the immune system robust, improves heart health, lowers cholesterol levels, and keeps the energy levels high.

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Most movies portray marijuana users as lazy and couch potatoes. As per this misconception, marijuana users should be obese and non-athletic.

On the contrary, studies suggest that combining marijuana with workouts can help in improving performance.

According to an interview, more than 80% of NBA players use cannabis for its anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving properties.

Athletes found that consuming marijuana helps them in pain management and speeds up the recovery process.

Not just athletes, working out with marijuana helps other fitness enthusiasts, too, throughout the world.

Marijuana can act as a great supplement in pre and post workouts. Below are the five ways of how marijuana can help with your workout.

1. Relaxes and motivates the mind for exercise

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There can be days when one feels lethargic and doesn’t feel like indulging in a high-intensity workout.

On those days, it is always better to be active in some form by either doing low-intensity exercises like walking, jogging, or cycling.

Marijuana with a higher THC content is best for these kinds of days.

THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol), an active component in marijuana, is popular for its intoxicating effects, causing a euphoria.

However, taking marijuana with high THC when combined with the runner’s high from a low-intensity workout leads to pain relief.

THC in the recommended dosage can actually benefit during an exercise by relaxing the muscle. It lets a person do low-intensity workouts for a long duration.

Consuming THC rich marijuana during high-intensity workouts is not recommended, as it can reduce strength and muscle coordination.

There is also a higher chance of getting an injury during this time.

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2. Induces sleep

Sleep is an essential process for the proper functioning of our body.

It aids in muscle recovery, reduces stress, improves alertness, promotes weight loss, and keeps your heart healthy.

A study conducted by Stanford University to find the effects of sleep post-workout showed remarkable results.

The study found that athletes with better sleep saw improvements in their performance, like the increased speed of workout, improved endurance, and decreased heart rate.

The athletes realized that more than any medication, it’s the sleep that does real wonder to the body.

Increasing your sleep time and having a quality sleep helps in increasing the workout intensity and giving the best shot. Taking marijuana can aid in the sleep process.

According to a study, taking marijuana high in THC helps in reducing the REM sleep, which means fewer dreams and nightmares for people who have PTSD.

Thereby, reducing the dreaming time is beneficial in inducing deep levels of sleep and taking marijuana before sleep aids in a night of more therapeutic and restful sleep. The strawberry banana strain is known to do well for helping with sleeping disorders.

3. Heightens muscle recovery

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Moderate to heavy workouts are wonderful in building muscles and gaining endurance.

However, everyone experiences muscle soreness after a long exercise routine that leaves us crawling back home.

Even though muscle soreness is painful, it is a sign that the exercise is working on the right muscles.

According to an article, muscle soreness allows the body to adapt and recover from a strenuous workout leading to increased stamina and strength.

The muscle soreness happens due to the release of cytokines that causes minuscule damage to the tissues.

Taking medications can help in getting relief from muscle soreness, but medications also come with certain side-effects.

Marijuana with a high concentration of CBD can work as a pain reliever in both pre and post-workouts. It can safely manage the reduction in muscle pain without any side-effects. One can procure online cannabis to reap all benefits.

A study showed that marijuana contains cannabinoids that aid in reducing pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

A cannabis user shared a testimonial stating that after taking marijuana post-workout in the form of CBD gumdrops helped in reducing her recovery time and decreased muscle stiffness.

Marijuana is available in different forms for a solution to pain and providing fast relief.

Marijuana balms, ointments, tinctures, and creams come to rescue in situations like muscle injury and muscle recovery phase.

4. Accelerates the Runner’s High

Exercising continuously with small intervals initiates the brain to release a chemical called endorphin.

Its role is similar to morphine; i.e., it triggers a positive feeling and decreases your attention to pain. This pleasant feeling that enhances the mood is the runner’s high.

The consumption of marijuana before a workout might help in getting the runner’s high.

A study found that cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and accelerates the runner’s high.

Taking cannabis before exercise helps in better performance, reduces anxiety, and increases the tolerance to pain.

Marijuana keeps the motivation level high for working out regularly in a disciplined routine.

Apart from the runner’s high, many people also experienced an improvement in their focus and concentration levels.

Thus, marijuana consumption, as a pre-workout, helps in maintaining an average person stick to their exercise routine.

5. A nutritional supplement

Apart from the pain-relieving properties, and runner’s high, a balanced diet also plays a vital role in boosting your exercise routine.

Eating healthy, nutritious food helps in going from beginners to advanced exercise levels.

It increases the metabolic rate and speeds up the recovery process. However, including marijuana in your diet can also support the metabolism.

According to a study, consuming cannabis extracts with high THC can lead to increased appetite, but taking cannabis extract with high CBD can reduce the appetite.

CBD can boost metabolism while maintaining the insulin and glucose levels in the body.

Another study showed that the use of marijuana could reduce fasting insulin levels, resulting in lower waist circumference.

Therefore, taking Marijuana high in CBD along with following a healthy diet after workouts can improve and accelerate the rate of getting in good shape.


To sum it up, marijuana can play a vital role in enhancing workouts. It keeps the motivation in the person intact due to its pain-relieving and mood-lifting properties.

It also acts as an energy booster on days when a person is feeling low. Therefore, consume marijuana in moderation pre and post-workout for the best results.

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