5 Gym-Free Ways to Work Out as an MMA Fighter

When it comes to getting–and staying– fit as an MMA fighter, there are hundreds of ways to get in shape that don’t require a pricey gym membership. Costs aside, it isn’t always practical to load up a gym bag, secure a babysitter and find time for an extra commute in your already busy schedule. Working out at home, especially in the digital age, is more convenient and accessible than ever. 

Whether you’d like to save some cash or some time, establish a killer workout routine that blends seamlessly into your already formed day-to-day groove with these helpful tips. 

1. Hit the Streets

There are more ways to get in your daily step count than hitting the treadmill at the gym. If treadmills aren’t your cup of tea in the first place, they have a sordid history to support the apprehension. Treadmills, formerly known as treadwheels, were once hooked up to mill-like machines, invented to utilize prisoners for forced labor, as their steps ground corn or pumped water. Sometimes, treadwheels were used simply for punishment. 

Fortunately, racking the numbers up on your pedometer can be done just about anywhere. From long walks around the neighborhood to vigorous runs around a local park, moving your feet can go a long way in improving your fitness. If an extra boost of energy is needed, look into energy boosting supplements and lifestyle patches. Research online for things like “energy increasing supplements” or “what is Thrive” and discover what would work best for you.

2. Body Weight Exercises

For this option, all you’ll need is your own body, a few directives and enough room to drop down and give yourself twenty. Many who look to build tone and muscle think that you need to lift heavy weights to achieve your fitness goals, but this simply isn’t the case. Enough reps from exercises like squats, push-ups, planks, jumping jacks and step-ups can sculpt and tone your body and even enhance fat loss in weight that weight training doesn’t. 

3. Online Fitness Videos

Yes, there are online workout video subscriptions that are completely worth the cost, but you don’t need to spend a dime to bulk up and get fit with the help of a class or trainer. There are numerous free videos and mobile apps, many of which are designated for specific training goals and desired results. Want to increase your overall endurance for your next fight? Trying to better stabilize your core muscles to help with back pain? There are hundreds of free videos to get your blood pumping and make steps toward your fitness objectives right at home. 

4. Take the Stairs

Though there are plenty of reasons it can be challenging to keep to a consistent training program, one of the primary cited reasons is a lack of time. If this resonates, this next tip is for you. It may seem like small potatoes to take the stairs more often, walk to get coffee instead of drive and park at the end of each parking lot, but small changes add up to big results. 

It doesn’t always take a lot of creativity to find new ways to be a little more active during the day. When you shift your mindset and start to look for ways to move your body more often, suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to take that meeting to the park to walk and talk or volunteer for a heavy lifting job at work. 

5. Ramp Up Your Routine

When you take a look at your routine, you may be surprised at how many opportunities there are for “accidental” exercise. Everything from gardening to housework can burn calories and build muscle, though you may not always break a noticeable sweat. 


Try to extend the amount of time and effort you dedicate to household chores, and find ways to be creative about incorporating exercise into your plans, too. Plan a hike with a friend, offer to help a family member move or plan a romantic bike ride for your next date night. Infusing your personal life with your fitness goals not only helps you to achieve them faster, but it also makes working out more fun and a natural part of your lifestyle. 


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