5 Tips for Creating an Online Presence for Your Gym

In the modern world, having a presence online is vital to running a successful business, no matter the industry your business is in. Here are five tips for creating an online presence for your gym.

1. Utilize a Unified Commerce Platform

Unified Commerce Platforms are management software tools that provide you with multiple tools you can leverage in both the front-end and back-end of your web-based retail spaces. For your back-end, these platforms have tools such as Order Management and Product Management systems and Inventory management systems. Front-end tools include Digital Commerce systems and BOPIS. These platforms make it easier for you and your gym members to engage in various e-commerce transactions, from paying membership fees to purchasing merchandise.

2. Optimize Your Website for All Devices

Because of the sheer number of different devices people can use to access the internet now, you need to make sure your online presence can be accessed on any given device. From a rugged laptop or desktop computer to a smartphone or tablet, screen sizes, resolutions and processing speeds will differ. One of the best ways to ensure all devices are able to access your content is to employ responsive web design, a type of website code that ensures your site will detect the type of device accessing it and adjust its dimensions and resolutions accordingly.

3. Post and Interact Consistently

Using social media is a great way to garner attention for your gym, but you need to leverage it correctly to reap the benefits. This means you need to post regularly without cluttering followers’ notifications. You should create a plan and a schedule for how often to post, keeping in mind time constraints and various events or promotions you may want to promote more heavily and frequently. You should also interact with your followers as much as possible to create strong relationships and trust with your followers and clients. Respond to people’s posts and comments. Share content they post that is relevant to your gym. Mention or shout-out followers from time to time. All of these will show your followers that you’re invested in them and your relationship with them, which can greatly increase engagement.

4. Post the Most Engaging Content

Your content matters as much as your posting schedule and interactions with your followers. If you only ever post lengthy paragraphs, people will get bored and be less likely to click on your content. Alternatively, if you post things that are irrelevant to your gym, your posts won’t stand out enough or be as obviously associated with your brand, so they’re more likely to get lost on your followers’ feeds. Ideally, your content should be a mix of text posts, images, videos and infographics, all with obvious links to your branding, such as a logo or specific color scheme. All your content should be related to your gym, too. You could post videos showing proper forms for various exercises or excerpts from exercise classes offered at your gym. Pictures and infographics could show off your facilities and certain promotions or explain the benefits of exercise. Text posts should be short and snappy.

5. Learn about Each Online Platform You Use

The type of content you post will also vary by social media platform, so you should familiarize yourself with each one you decide to use. All platforms have their benefits and it’s up to you which ones will provide your gym with the most benefits. Instagram, for example, is best-suited to images and can also be used to post videos. You should keep Instagram videos shorter and use YouTube to post long-form video content. Twitter, on the other hand, is best-suited for short text-posts. Facebook can be used to post images and long-form text posts.

The choices you make for creating an online presence will depend on multiple factors. These include the type of clientele you’re trying to attract, the atmosphere you want to cultivate both online and offline and how you want to interact with your customers.


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