6 Tips for Getting Fit for Fall 2021

Everyone talks about getting fit and fabulous for summer, but what about the rest of the year? As the holidays approach, the days get shorter and the weather starts to cool, it’s arguably even more important for people to move their bodies and maintain physical fitness. If you’re interested in being the best version of yourself all year round, here are six essential tips you can use for getting fit this fall.

1. Invest in Good Gear

Nothing ruins your run like a pair of saggy running leggings. When starting your fitness journey, take the time to collect quality clothing that fits your body well. When working out, you should be able to comfortably perform a full range of motion with your upper and lower body. Additionally, moisture-wicking fibers are great for lifting sweat from your skin and keeping you cool during exercise.

2. Do a Steps Challenge

If you’re just starting out in your quest to move more, a steps challenge is the perfect way to measure your mobility. Several mobile fitness apps will allow you to set a step goal and track your movements throughout the day. Walking is a very effective low-impact exercise and when you’re able to complete your goal with ease, you can expand your goal or graduate to a more intense workout routine.  

3. Nail Down Your Nutrition

Many people think the key to weight management is eating less and moving more, but the truth is food quality matters. Your muscles need protein to repair themselves and grow after strenuous exercise. A collagen protein supplement is an essential part of your nutrition regimen because it helps restore your skin and bones to optimal health and function as you age.

4. Buy a Goal Outfit

Sometimes, the toughest part of getting fit is finding the motivation to get out and get it done. Having a goal is a great way to talk yourself into focusing on fitness every single day. Whether it’s a date night dress or a new pair of slim fit jeans, buy yourself a garment that you want to look fantastic in and hang it where you can see it each day.

If fashion doesn’t appeal to you, find something that does. Maybe a photo of the beach at your upcoming vacation spot or the invitation to your high school best friend’s wedding. Not everyone has the internal motivation to work out, and it’s okay to bribe yourself into getting to the gym.

5. Wake Up, Workout, Repeat

Make exercise a priority by making it your first priority each day. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than your usual get-up time, and spend your waking moments focusing on yourself. By getting your workout out of the way each morning, you’ll be starting each day by finishing something important, which serves as a great personal motivator to realize your daily goals. When you continue to put off exercise, you’ll always find something more important to do instead, so stop putting your goals on the backburner and make your fitness number one on your to-do list each day.

6. Swap Exercise Equipment for the Great Outdoors

One of the best ways to maintain your exercise routine is to change it up from time to time. Running on the treadmill while staring at the gym wall for half an hour may get the job done, but eventually, you’ll get bored and find a reason to give it up. Use the cooler weather and the beautiful fall colors to your advantage while getting creative with your workouts. Rent a kayak and hit the river for a tranquil and fun core workout, or get your run in on the backcountry trails.

Your fall fitness plan doesn’t have to feel like another chore. If you approach your fitness like a fun hobby, you’ll likely enjoy adding it to your schedule and planning new and exciting seasonal adventures. Before you know it, you’ll feel and look your very best.


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