6 Tips for Going to Work From the Gym

In a perfect world, there would be time enough in a day for a leisurely workout at the gym, freshening up at home, and then heading to work on your own time. Unfortunately, this is the real world, where time between your daily gym workout and the hour you’re expected to report to work can be extremely limited. Fortunately, you do not need to skimp on your workout to avoid showing up to work looking sweaty and disheveled. Here are some tips for heading to the workplace directly from the gym.

1. Find a Place To Stash Your Gym Bag

You should consider investing in burlap bags in which to store your gym clothes when you change into you work clothes after your workout. However, you should not bring your gym bag into the office with you because your sweaty clothes will start to stink. If your workplace provides lockers, you can stash your bag in there. Otherwise, you may be able to leave it in your car. Worst case scenario, you can leave it in your locker at the gym and pick it up on the way home.

2. Invest in Body Wipes

If pressed for time, you do not necessarily need to take a shower after working out. Pre-moistened body wipes can remove the worst of the sweat and odor in a fraction of the time. A few swipes with the wipe, an application of deodorant, change into your work clothes, and you’re good to go.

Bear in mind, however, that this may not always be a viable solution. On days when it is particularly hot and humid, you may have to budget extra time for your traditional shower.

3. Eat Something for Breakfast

While experts are split on whether it is better to eat breakfast before or after your morning workout, everyone agrees that eating breakfast is important to keep your body adequately fueled and avoid a midmorning slump. Therefore, this is not a step that you should skip if you are trying to save time between your morning workout and getting to work.

Rather, you may need to eat breakfast at a different time than you would otherwise. For example, instead of eating breakfast before you go to the gym, grab something that you can eat at your desk and eat it after your workout. Healthy options include a cup of yogurt, a banana or other type of fruit, or a hard-boiled egg.

4. Plan the Night Before

You can save time in the morning by gathering and packing up everything that you will need for the next day the night before. This includes your work clothes, body wipes, hairbrush or comb, deodorant, etc. However, instead of packing your gym clothes the night before, it probably makes more sense to lay them out separately. Therefore, you can change right into them as soon as you wake up.

5. Drink Ice Water

Some types of exercise raise your body temperature more than others, but most raise it to some degree. When your body temperature rises, your body reacts by sweating. This is the body’s natural cooling mechanism, but it can be inconvenient if you’re planning to head to work immediately after your workout. Of course, it is always important to drink fluids while you’re working out to prevent dehydration. Specifically, if you drink ice water, it can prevent you from sweating as much by keeping your body temperature lower.

6. Moderate Your Workout

When you’re heading for work after you gym session, choose an exercise that is moderately intense so that you do not sweat as much. Good examples include a brisk treadmill walk, weightlifting, or yoga. You still get plenty of advantages from workouts such as these without working up too much of a sweat.

Daily fitness is important, especially if you participate in MMA or other sports. However, it is also necessary to make a living, and part of that is looking and smelling presentable at work. It may take some creative modifications, but it is possible to satisfy both needs on a day-to-day basis.

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