6 Types of Clothes for Fighters

There are uniforms for martial arts like Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo, but what do you wear if your combat sport has no established clothing rules? Perhaps you’ve noticed folks wearing various items at the gym and aren’t sure what the advantages are. Whether you are going for fashion or technical versatility, here are a few possibilities to consider for your wardrobe.

1. T-Shirts

You can train in standard T-shirts, tank tops, or anything else, and many people do. It’s far easier to wear a simple, ordinary T-shirt when you’re first starting out, and even later on, most people prefer T-shirts with gym branding or amazing designs.

While any T-shirt can do, it’s preferable to keep certain tops on hand because training (and the steady amount of perspiration it will absorb) can ruin otherwise excellent clothing. To avoid any superfluous material, it’s also essential to stay with close-fitting apparel. If you’re training outside, consider a fleece fabric instead of traditional cotton to keep you warm. 

2. Breathable Shirts

Breathable T-shirts are a terrific choice because they’re made to be utilized for a variety of sports. They have the same fit as a standard T-Shirt, but they are made of various materials, such as polyester mixes, that allow perspiration to pass through the clothing rather than absorb into it, reducing the quantity of perspiration absorbed while training.

Breathable T-shirts are a little more difficult to come by, but there are still some excellent options available.

3. Compression Tops

The difficulty with both of the previously mentioned solutions is that they aren’t always close-fitting, which means cloth can get trapped when sparring. There’s nothing worse than kicking someone in the stomach and getting your foot hooked on their loose, damp t-shirt.

Skin-tight shirts constructed of a little thicker fabric are known as compression tops. Compression clothing has a number of other benefits, including keeping muscles warm, wicking sweat away, decreasing friction, and shortening the time it takes for muscles to recover themselves, according to research. There are a variety of various fits available for women as well.

4. Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts are familiar to anyone who has ever watched a boxing match. Surprisingly, boxing shorts are likely to have a more specialized cut than most other sorts of shorts. This is due to the abdominal-protecting groin guards worn in boxing, which have resulted in a particularly high-waisted design.

Due to the lack of kicks in boxing, a longer short works well, and most boxer shorts come down to the knee. Because boxing shorts are rarely hit, there are a plethora of elaborate handmade patterns.

5. Grappling Shorts

While boxing is the pinnacle of one discipline, Mixed Martial Arts focus on a blend of everything, so grappling and kicks are both on the table. Obviously, your standard boxing short will not suffice. MMA shorts (also known as grappling shorts) are a lengthier form of shorts worn by MMA fighters. They have a long, narrow fit around the legs and are made of a material that balances flexibility and durability. MMA shorts are becoming increasingly lightweight thanks to modern technology. In MMA, where grappling is common, a proper fit around the waist is essential.

6. Compression Shorts

If you’ve ever watched a UFC battle, you’ll note that some of the fighters don’t wear the MMA shorts, instead opting for a pair of skin-tight shorts. Vale Tudo shorts, a grappling-based item of apparel comparable to compression shorts, are commonly referred to as these. These are designed to keep superfluous material to a minimum and avoid excessive friction while grappling, but they can also be used as form-fitting training shorts.

Other clothing items to consider include rash guards for your arms and full-length compression leggings. There’s also a plethora of training footwear out there to explore. Whatever your sport, a little shopping around should find you comfortable, functional, and fashionable clothing to wear while training and fighting. 

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