7 Facts About CBD Distillate

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CBD distillates are taking the CBD market by storm. The popularity of CBD distillates has been skyrocketing since 2018, courtesy of the many promising health benefits like pain, stress, and anxiety relief.

Despite the plenty of information about CBD distillate out there, navigating this information can be confusing. Besides, it is hard to distinguish between the facts and myths about CBD distillate. And as with any CBD product thar are derived from marijuana seeds and you can buy marijuana seeds legally from online store, it helps to analyse CBD distillates before giving it a try.

Check out these seven facts about CBD distillates. Every CBD enthusiast should know.

CBD Distillates and Cannabis Aren’t the Same

Most people think that CBD distillates and cannabis are one. However, these two products are distinct in various ways, despite the two products coming from the cannabis plant.

For starters, CBD distillates have a lower concentration of THC than cannabis. So, cannabis is more likely to give you a “high’ unlike CBD distillates, since cannabis has a much stronger concentration of THC, the psychoactive compound.

Besides, CBD distillate is extracted from the hemp plant, which has a higher concentration of CBD. So if you are looking for a highly potent cbd product such as cbd gummies do visit nearby store. .

CBD Distillates Come In Various Forms

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CBD distillates are all not the same. There are three mains distillates available in CBD dispensaries and online CBD stores. They include:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: This is the most popular type of CBD distillate. The distillate has all the vital components of the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and resins. It, however, has a lower concentration of THC, not exceeding 0.3 %.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: It is also one of the popular distillates. It contains all key components of the hemp plant apart from THC. 
  • CBD isolate: This CBD distillate contains pure CBD oil and doesn’t contain all the compounds and THC present in the hemp plants.

CBD Distillates Are Versatile

CBD distillates are more versatile in terms of usage than other CBD products. You can directly consume CBD distillates by mixing them with food if you want to relieve chronic pain.

Alternatively, you can also use dab rings with CBD distillates to experience the potent effects of CBD. Some people also use CBD distillates in lotions, creams, body balms, and other beauty products to improve skin health.

Making CBD Distillates is an Extensive Process

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CBD distillates are produced through distillation. Distillation is paramount for extracting flavonoids, terpenes, and resins from hemp plants to make CBD distillates. These compounds then vaporization and evaporation processes to condense the original extract.

Although the entire process can be lengthy, time-consuming, and expensive, it produces potent and pure CBD distillate.

CBD Distillates Aren’t Under Federal Regulations

Many CBD users believe the government regulates CBD products in the market through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD products, including CBD distillates, despite their soaring popularity.

That calls for your due diligence when sourcing CBD distillate. Ensure you are buying from reputable sellers who put their customer’s interests first.

CBD Distillates Reside in a Legal Grey Area

There is no direct yes or no answer about whether CBD distillate is legal. Instead, it depends on the source of CBD distillate. If it’s extracted from hemp, it’s considered legal federally. But if it comes from cannabis, it is federally illegal. However, state laws can override federal laws, rendering some CBD products illegal.

So, it all depends on where you are and where the CBD distillate is coming from. As of 2021, CBD is not on the list of controlled substances since the 2018 Farm Bill passed. The law made it legal to cultivate and distribute CBD from hemp as long as it has less than 0.3% THC.

CBD distillates remain legal in states that allow people to use CBD, specifically for medical uses. But not all states allow for the sale and use of CBD distillates. It is wise to check whether your state allows for the use of CBD distillates before trying it.

 CBD Distillates Have Mild Side Effects

While clinical studies of the side effects of CBD distillates are still at the infancy stages, there are no serious side effects linked to CBD. However, users are advised to use it moderately to minimize the undesirable effects.

The potential side effects of CBD distillates are likely to occur due to drug interactions. Some of the possible side effects of CBD distillates include red eyes, dry mouth, memory loss, and hallucinations. So, users are less likely to experience these side effects if they abstain from taking CBD distillates alongside other medicines.

However, make sure to consult your doctor before taking any CBD product for expert advice and recommendation on suitable dosage.


CBD distillates are exploding in popularity each day. Although there is still a lot to uncover about CBD, there’s no harm in getting started on the right foot. Understanding this product lets you know what to expect before using CBD distillates.




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