7 Unique Exercises To Try in 2021

Physical fitness is an essential piece of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, doing the same routines day in and day out can get old. You often end up losing interest and struggling to stick to your workout schedule. If this describes you, read on for seven unique exercises to try in 2021 to break you out of your routine.


Kickboxing is not only an excellent workout but also a great way to relieve frustration. While you may picture kickboxing as simply standing still and kicking in place, it is so much more than that. Kickboxing often incorporates punching and calisthenics into the workout. Add some upbeat music and this workout will get your blood pumping in no time.

Obstacle Course Racing

While thoughts of obstacle courses may bring back painful memories of junior high PE class, don’t let those recollections scare you away from this one. There are different difficulty levels of obstacle courses, so whether you are in peak physical shape or a beginner, there is something for you. These classes are especially great for people who get bored easily and want to try something new. From kicking to jumping to climbing, you will work every muscle in your body with an obstacle course class.

Black Light Yoga

If you have tried popular types of yoga, like Bikram or Hot Yoga, then black light yoga is your next adventure. The setting is similar to a club, with buoyant music and black-lighting. The effects are extra impactful if you wear neon colors to the class. The moves performed are often in rhythm with the upbeat music, so the class will be more active than an average yoga lesson.

Aerial Hoop

There are a variety of different classes that utilize an aerial hoop. At the core of each class, every participant uses an aerial hoop to perform the moves. The lessons are especially beneficial if you are looking to develop your arm muscles and core strength. You move into different positions, such as dance or yoga moves, from a ribbon about 30-feet long that is attached to the ceiling. As with most classes, beginner levels are offered until you work your way up to more advanced moves.

Remote Machines

In this day and age of technology, you no longer have to drive to a gym or run outside in order to complete an effective workout. There are numerous machines available for purchase that allow you to have a successful workout in the comfort of your own home. One example is the Peloton Bike. This is no ordinary stationary bike; among other accessories, the bike has a screen at the front that allows you to join group spin classes with other users.

Another handy device is The Mirror. As its name implies, this is a mirror you attach to the wall to help with at-home workouts. The instructor is streamed onto the mirror to lead you through the exercise of your choice. Though these tools will cost you a pretty penny, they are a worthwhile investment if you prioritize the convenience of exercising at home.


If you find yourself dancing away the day as you work and complete chores, then a Bokwa class will be a perfect fit. Bokwa is a dance class with a focus on cardio. The movements are based on South African techniques. The music is typically a hip-hop style. Similar to other dance classes, like Zumba, a Bokwa certification is required to lead the class. 

Muay Thai

If you are looking for a full-body workout, look no further than a Muay Thia class. Between kicking, punching and dodging, these classes will work every muscle in your body. These martial art lessons focus on combat moves that not only build muscle throughout your whole body but provide you with excellent self-defense skills.

Gone are the days when workouts were limited to what machines were available at the gym. No matter your taste or experience level, there are fun, unique classes available to fit your preference. Consider one of the above exercises to break you out of your workout routine. 


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