8 Fantastic Jobs for MMA Fighters

While some mixed martial arts athletes focus solely on fighting, many have other jobs. The reason for the jobs varies but some include needing additional income, growing a business and developing other skills. Jobs that offer flexible schedules, take place during the day or include physical exertion are ideal. Whether you are an amateur, professional or somewhere in between, these eight jobs are excellent options for MMA fighters.  

1. Sales Executive

Sales can be a great option for a day job, especially if you love interacting with people. Sales executives need to be personable, confident and good at clearly and convincingly explaining why someone should purchase a product. If you can do this, there is excellent income potential.

These positions can offer schedule flexibility as long as you attend sales meetings and meet quotas. Sales jobs can range from selling a few products to individuals to substantial enterprise sales.

2. Personal Trainer

Since MMA fighting is very physically challenging, having a job that helps keep you in shape is extremely beneficial to maintaining a peak physical condition. This makes personal training an excellent option.

With this position, you help individuals get in better shape and keep yourself active throughout the day. You can offer your services through a gym or run a personal training business out of your home. If you have the space, equipment and clientele, a home business may be a more lucrative option since you can manage all the income.

3. Fitness Class Instructor

Similar to a personal trainer, a fitness class instructor job keeps you moving and grooving all day long. Many gyms offer different classes to their members, such as Zumba, weight lifting, cardio, biking and yoga. In this position, you lead the classes and help the participants throughout the session. Additionally, if you need to get a specific workout in to prepare for your fight, squeezing a session in is super easy since you are already at the gym.

4. Server

Serving at a restaurant is another fantastic option. Not only are you staying active on your feet for the entire shift but this job also offers schedules outside the standard 8 to 5, giving you more flexibility to work around your fight schedule. Plus, depending on the restaurant, many servers can make a couple hundred dollars in one shift.

5. Baker

If you love whipping up baked good and sweet treats, a baker may be the perfect position for you. You get to hone your craft of developing tantalizing treats and also get a schedule that balances well with your nightly fights. Since most bakers start early in the morning, this leaves you more time to dedicate to your training and fights in the evenings.

6. Warehouse Worker

If you really need to focus on building your upper body strength, a local warehouse position may be the answer. Warehouse workers are often on their feet most of the day, spending time moving, lifting, sorting and loading boxes and products. If you want a job that does not tie you to a desk, consider finding a warehouse to work at.

7. Stocker

Many large retail stores need stockers to unload goods and keep them organized. Plus, many stockers have early morning shifts since the stores need to be ready to go before opening. Stocking not only keeps you active during your shift but also leaves evenings open for your MMA fights.

8. Consultant

If there is a line of work you specialize in, such as business management, marketing or design, branch out of the corporate realm and become your own boss! Opening your own business gives you the ultimate freedom to work around your MMA fighting and training schedules. Though the process of starting a company can be intimidating, the payoff can be well worth it.

No matter how experienced a fighter you are, a day job can be a fantastic source of income and expertise development. The key is to find a job that works with your schedule and supports your fighting ambitions. If you are an MMA fighter, consider one of these eight jobs for your next position.

(Photo Credit: Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Chance Babin)


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