A Guide To Betting On MMA

MMA is one of the fastest-growing sports to bet on. Its coverage in mainstream media has attracted millions of more viewers worldwide and the sports overall popularity has prompted bookmakers to focus more on the sport by offering a greater number of betting markets as well as several generous betting offers.

Which Bookmakers Take Bets On MMA?

The majority do. However, not all bookmakers are the same and you want to be sure that you’re betting with a reputable bookie as well as ensuring that you’re getting the best value. In terms of value, we mean getting the best odds for your bets as well as incorporating any betting offers that are available. 

Bookmakers offer customers different odds on the majority of sports and markets and so it’s always a good idea to have accounts with multiple bookmakers so that you can compare the odds for your bet and place it with the bookie offering the biggest odds. The difference in the odds may be minimal but over time these differences can add up and have an impact on your overall returns.

Some bookmakers also run a lot more promotions and offers than others. Betfred is a good example of a bookmaker that regularly offers customers free bets on various sporting events when they place a cash bet and you’ll find these available on MMA, especially when a big fight is taking place. As well as free bets, other promotions to look out for include price boosts where the bookie offers you bigger odds than normal on a certain bet, and refund offers from which you can receive your stake back, either as cash or a free bet. By incorporating betting offers into your MMA bets, you can significantly increase your overall returns by either winning more from boosted odds, receiving refunds from losing bets, or by having additional bets with the free bets that you receive.

What MMA Markets Can You Bet On?

So, you’ve found a bookie to place your bets with and have a fight that you’d like to bet on. Let’s take a look at the betting markets which are generally available with any bookie that accepts MMA bets.

Match Betting

This is betting on the winner of the fight. It is also referred to as the ‘Fight Winner’, ‘Match Result’ or the ‘Money Line’. With this market, you simply need to choose which fighter will win. There are often other betting options within this market such as ‘Fighter A To Win By KO or TKO’.

Round Betting

Another popular MMA betting market is round betting where you again select a fighter to win, but also what round they will win in. Sometimes you are able to select a group of rounds such as ‘Fighter B To Win In Rounds 1-2’. Also, you may be able to bet on ‘Either Fighter To Win in Rounds 2-3’.

Over/Under Rounds

With this market, you don’t need to select a fighter to win. Instead, you simply choose whether the bout will last Over or Under a certain number of rounds. They are often displayed in decimals eg. ‘Over 1.5 Rounds’ which means the fight will last 2 or more rounds, or ‘Under 2.5 Rounds’ which means the fight will be over in rounds 1 or 2.

Method Of Victory

There are several ways an MMA bout can be decided such as Knockout, Submission, Decision, TKO. Forfeit or No contest. Most bookies will allow you to bet on the method of victory and decide whether or not to also include a fighter in your bet. You can also choose to bet on the fight ‘To Go The Distance’ which is when the bout will be decided on points by the judges.


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