Ahead of Brave 21, Jeremy Kennedy says he’s the ‘uncrowned king’

Jeremy Kennedy is set for his first main event for Brave Combat Federation, as he takes on Marat Magomedov at next Saturday’s Brave 21, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Coming off a TKO victory in his promotional debut, “JBC” is confident in where he stands in his new home.

According to the Xtreme Couture representative, no other Brave Featherweight can compete with him in terms of resume, and he feels like the “uncrowned king” at 145 lbs. Kennedy admires former champ Elias Boudegzdame and current titleholder Bubba Jenkins, but thinks he stands out as “the guy to beat”.

“I haven’t actually talked to Brave about a title shot, but I look at myself as the number one guy at Featherweight for the promotion. Elias was doing good things before I signed, and then he and Bubba had a great fight, but I’m the uncrowned champ, I’m the guy to beat. I’m not gunning for anybody, but my resume stacks up higher than anybody else in the division”, says Kennedy.

While he faced a striker in his debut, Kennedy now takes on a decorated grappler in Magomedov. According to the Canadian, however, this is just a chance to showcase his overall skills and he’s confident of taking the undefeated tag away from his Russian counterpart.

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“My base is grappling, so I’ve always felt comfortable fighting other grapplers. I just think this is gonna show more of y striking. He’s gonna make me show my whole game, he’s gonna have his hands full because he won’t be able to grapple as he did with other opponents. I’m a different kind of guy and he’ll also have to deal with my striking”.

Brave 21 will crown an unforgettable year for the biggest MMA promotion in the Middle East. During 2018, Brave Combat Federation hosted 12 events in 12 different countries, taking the show to South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.


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