All fighters make weight; RIZIN 18 officially set at the Dolphins Arena

RIZIN.18 will take place tomorrow on August 18th (Sun) at the Dolphins Arena in Nagoya, Japan. All fighters made weight and 13 fights are officially set to go. The event will be streamed LIVE on FightBook MMA on the FITE.TV Network.

Fighter weight and Quotes:

[Fight 1] 57.0kg / 125.7lbs
Ryuji Horio – 56.85kg / 125.3lb

“He’s not the greatest technician but he has power and speed so I need to be careful or he might finish me with one punch”

“I was able to get the decision win in my last fight in RIZIN, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t finish. I will go and try to get that finish this time”

Uchu Sakurai – 57.0kg / 125.7lbs

“The motivation towards this fight is unreal. I spent time in Tokyo and have worked on every part of my game. My opponent is well experienced and has many accomplishments. I plan to beat him with fashion and become a regular in RIZIN. I want to be the next big star.”

“I want to show that I’m not just a young kid”

[Fight 2] 53.0kg / 116.8lbs
Shota Takiya – 52.80kg / 116.4lbs

“My opponent is young and tough. I will not hold back and will go for the finish from the very beginning.”

“I do not plan to take this fight to decision. I will force the fight to where either of us has to go down.”

Kazuki Osaki – 53.0kg / 116.8lbs

“My opponent is very aggressive and doesn’t stop coming forward. He throws so many things so I’m sure I will have a hard to adjusting to his style but once I get used to him it should be a very fun fight.”

[Fight 3] 49.0kg / 108.0lbs
Ai Shimizu – 48.70kg / 107.4lbs

“My opponent has good submission skills from the bottom. She can setup an armbar very nicely and I have to be careful with that.”