Kinektic Submission Grappling recap and results

On Friday, August 16, Kinektic Submission Grappling held its inaugural event in Anaheim, CA. Taking place just a day before UFC 241, Kenektic, was billed as “World-class, one-night, professional team-grappling tournament.” The event featured four teams of five men in a tournament format.

The teams were BJJ Fanatics, captained by Craig Jones; Team Lights Out Urban Achievers, captained by Chris Lytle, Team SUG, captained by Chael Sonnen, and Team Lionheart, captained by Anthony Smith. Sonnen and Smith did not compete during the night but only served as the team managers. Here are the members of each team:

BJJ Fanatics (Captain Craig Jones)

Gordon Ryan

Nicky Rodriguez

Edwin Najmi

Lachian Giles

Craig Jones

Team Lights Outs Urban Achievers (Captain Chris Lytle)

Rico Rodriguez

Joe “Diesel” Riggs

Mansher Khera

Will Weed

Chris Lytle

Team SUG (Captain Chael Sonnen)

Gabriel Barbosa Checco

Rafael Domingos

Ronny Markes

Guilherme Vasconcelos

Jorge Rodrigues

Team Lionheart (Captain Anthony Smith)

Brian Sparrow

Joe Warren

Scott Morton

James Brasco

Enrico Cocco

 It was an intimate and knowledgeable crowd in attendance. They paid extra attention to the moves and holds being applied and cheered even the smallest of transitions or escapes.

Grappling and jiu-jitsu only events have become extremely popular in the past few years. More and more MMA stars are taking part in grappling exhibitions in between their fights and bringing attention the worlds of catch wrestling, grappling, and jiu-jitsu. The grappling events often provide fans with a dream match up of sorts as two MMA stars from different weight classes have the opportunity to compete against one another. More times than not the outcome of the events are exciting for fans.

The four teams competed in a single elimination tournament. Each team must eliminate all members of the opposing team in order to claim victory. If time runs out during a match then it is declared a draw and both men are eliminated.

The BJJ Fanatics taking on the Team Lights Out Urban Achievers kicked off the night. It was a one sided affair as Lachian Giles single handily eliminated every member of the Lights Out Urban Achievers. This would prove to be a great advantage for the team as the rest of the members would be fresh for the final round.

The second semifinal was between Team Lionheart vs. Team SUG. This matchup was more competitive that the first semifinal and went down to the wire as both teams were nearly out of members. In the end it was Sonnen’s Team SUG that would come out the victors.

Before the final took place a special superfight attraction was held as Raufeon “Supa” Stots took on Anthony “El Toro” Birchak. The two men engaged in a very competitive bout that went the entire time limit. After a 30-second break the men entered a 3-minute overtime period. The extra time was not enough and the match ended in a draw.

In the night’s finale the BJJ Fanatics took on Team SUG. The BJJ Fanatics cruised to an easy victory. Nicky Rodriguez got the Fanatics off to a good start by submitting Jorge Rodrigues. He would then take on Ronny Markes in a very intense and physical match. The two would end up battling it out until time ran out. It was ruled a draw and both men were eliminated. Gordon Ryan would step in for the Fanatics and clean house en route to victory. Gordon would submit Gabriel Checco, Rafael Domingos, and Guilherme Vasconcelos to clinch the win for his team.

Semifinals #1: BJJ Fanatics vs. Team Lights Out Urban Achievers

Match 1: Lachian Giles vs. Mansher Khera

Result: Giles sub Khera at 2:15 via heel hook

Match 2: Lachain Giles vs. Will Weed

Result: Giles sub Weed at 5:27 via heal hook

Match 3: Lachain Giles vs. Joe Riggs;

Result: Giles sub Riggs at 3:40 via arm bar

Match 4: Lachain Giles vs. Chris Lytle

Result: Giles sub Lytle at 0:39 via heel hook

Match 5: Lachain Giles vs. Rico Rodriguez

Result: Giles sub Rodriguez at 2:19 via heel hook

WINNER: BJJ Fanatics

Semifinals #2: Team Lionheart vs. Team SUG

Match 1:  Biran Sparrow vs. Guilherme Vasconcelos

Result: Time limit draw, both men eliminated

Match 2:  Scott Morton vs. Jorge Rodrigues

Result: Rodrigues sub Morton at 5:36 via arm bar

Match 3: James Brasco vs. Jorge Rodrigues

Result: Time limit draw, both men eliminated

Match 4: Enrico Cocco vs. Rafael Domingos

Result: Cocco sub Domingos at 5:13 via heel hook

Match 5: Enrico Cocco vs. Gabriel Barbosa Checco

Result: Time limit draw, both men eliminated

Match 6: Joe Warren vs. Ronny Markes

Result: Markes subs Warren at 3:25 via arm triangle


Superfight (155lbs.)

Raufeon “Supa” Stots vs. Anthony “El Toro” Birchak ends in a DRAW.

Finals: BJJ Fanatics vs. Team SUG

Match 1: Nicky Rodriguez vs. Jorge Rodrigues

Result: Rodriguez sub Rodrigues at 2:26 via heel hook

Match 2:  Nicky Rodriguez vs. Ronny Markes

Result: Time limit draw, both men eliminated

Match 3: Gordon Ryan vs. Gabriel Barbosa Checco

Result: Ryan sub Checco at 1:25 via arm bar Ryan

Match 4: Gordon Ryan vs. Rafael Domingos

Result: Ryan subs Domingos at 5:48 via rear naked choke

Match 5: Gordon Ryan vs. Guilherme Vasconcelos

Result: Ryan sub Vasconcelos at 1:27 via guillotine choke

WINNER: BJJ Fanatics


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