Andy “Night Night” Varela hopes his opponent brings his best takedown defense of all time at SWB7

LAS CRUCES, NM (Mon, March 26, 2017)– American Fight League: “SOUTHWEST BRAWL 7” which takes place in Las Cruces, NM at the Convention Center on March 31st 2018.

Andy “Night Night” Varela (2-1) from El Paso, Texas who trains out of 10th Planet BJJ will be taking on Gerardo “Chapita” Chaparro Garcia (0-1) from Juarez Mexico at American Fight League: “SOUTHWEST BRAWL 7”.

Varela is ranked 7th of 22 active New Mexico Pro Lightweights and ranked 10th at Featherweight. Varela is undefeated in his amateur career with five straight wins. Now as a pro he has two wins and one loss under his belt. Before he steps in the cage at the Southwest Brawl 7 event, he sat down with FightBookMMA to talk about his upcoming fight and where he sees his future in the sport.

Andy thank you for taking the time to talk to me out of your busy schedule. Andy can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Andy Varela I’m 26 years old. Born in El Paso Texas.

How did you get your nickname “Night Night?”

(Laughs) My coach Cristobal gave me the nick name kinda can’t talk about it. But yeah maybe another time I can explain.

Alright I’m going to remember this question next time we talk. You recently received a brown belt in Bjj and a week later competed at the Gracie Nationals. Can you talk to us about how it went and how did you finish?

It went amazing. Had 3 matches and subbed all 3 opponents getting first place. I didn’t get one submission put on me. Pretty amazing feeling was stressing about purple belt division few weeks before then  got promoted to brown week before so it was a switch up. But got it done.

What made you become an MMA fighter was this something you knew you were going to do?

I knew since I was 6 years old. My dad was a MMA fighter Kickboxer as well. So naturally its in my blood.

If fighting wasn’t in your life what would you be doing?

Definitely would be marine biologist, biologist of some sort. Have a fascination with animals, and care for them greatly. But I would be doing a lot of thing going to try and do a lot of those things once I get to UFC.

Andy I like asking these questions to the fighters I talk to which are three quick questions for the fans to know just a little bit about yourself.

What is your Favorite movie?


Your favorite food?

Hamburgers no doubt

If you can fight anyone past or present who would it be and why?

I would like to fight all the best 155’s in the world in near future. It will happen.

What makes you different from other fighters?

I think what makes me different is ive literally been thinking about this stuff since I was little. My style, athleticism and natural i.q for fighting in the different arts.

You recently fought at KOTC: Territorial Dispute and took on Blaze Gill, after this loss, what did you learn and what changes have you made coming into this fight in Las Cruces?

Yup! My first loss pretty terrible. Never thought I’d lose this early in career but I’m greatful for it. Can’t take no one lightly in this game big part of that loss was my preparation. Was doing something I shouldn’t have been doing so close to fight and come fight time I wasn’t in shape enough for that time of grinding fight. Live and learn. Won’t happen again.

Your next fight will be at the Southwest Brawl 7 as you will take on Gerardo Garcia. How is training so far and what can we expect with this fight?

Training has been more then amazing. I train in Vegas now moved here Jan 28th so I have been training with heeps of talented fighters. My main training partner all camp was Micheal Chiesa so I’ve been working real hard with the best in te world

Right on thats awesome that you’re training with Chiesa. Anything you would like to tell your opponent?

Just hope he brings his best takedown defense of all time. Or he will be finished.

So Andy if you had the chance to pick another promotion to fight in which one would you pick and why?

UFC is main goal. It’s the NFL of fighting.

How do you feel about your accomplishments so far in MMA and in life?

I feel I’m on the right track. Amateur career I was 6-0 all finishes. Then finished two more fights pro first round, took my first loss last fight and it wont happen again. As far as Jiu Jitsu accomplishments ive been on a tear And I can grapple with the best black belts in the world.

Andy its been a pleasure talking to you, are there any sponsors or anyone you want to shout out the floor is yours?

I just wanna thank Licon Dairy, Roasted Corn Bus, Optimum SP for helping with preparation for this fight. And my coaches and people who have help me prepare. Y’all the real MVP

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