Bare knuckle Boxing goes Crypto Ken Shamrock to launch Valor Coin this Sunday

RENO, Nev. – Living combat sports legend Ken Shamrock, known as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” announced the Valor Crypto Coin launch will be this Sunday. A special pre-sale is scheduled for this Saturday.

The Valor Coin Ecosystem already has a major metaverse build underway and collectible NFT collaborations with notable athletes to be showcased after the coin launch. Follow the Valor Coin Telegram for up-to-date information on the coin and how to watch Shamrock in his live AMAs.

“Valor Bare Knuckle is built by a fighter for fighters,” Shamrock

explained. “I wanted to find a way to incorporate fighters into my

dream that we would be building together. Not just the new fighters,

but some of the OGs from the beginning of my fighting days, and

even other athletes from all walks of life. I saw that the crypto world

could not only do that, but allowed athletes and their fans to stay

connected so we decided to launch Valor Coin.”

Shamrock’s Valor Bare Knuckle (ValorBK) Boxing returns April 22nd with ValorBK2, airing on pay-per-view, live from James L. Knight Center in Miami.

Presented by Valor Sports Inc. and Ken Shamrock, ValorBK2 will showcase all-action, unfettered entertainment by skilled fighters, professional boxers as well as mixed-martial-arts fighters, bravely stepping into the Bout Circle. ValorBK brings forth the world’s first true Bare-Knuckle Boxing competition, setting the industry standard for both fighters and fans.


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