Video – Bodycam details footage of ex-UFC champion Jon Jones’ September arrest in Las Vegas

Jon Jones
Mandatory Credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Police body cam footage has been released detailing the events during the arrest of former two-time undisputed UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones on September 25. last year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jones, a native of Rochester, New York, was arrested on September 25. by responding officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department near the grounds for the Ceasars Palace Hotel & Casino. 

The former champion was charged with misdemeanour domestic violence, as well as injuring or tampering with a vehicle, after he is alleged to have headbutted a responding police cruiser during his arrest, resulting in a medium-sized dent and caused paint to chip. 

Jones would eventually reach a plea deal with prosecutors in relation to his latest arrest, pleading guilty to destroying property of another and was issued a fine, reportedly in the region of $25 to $250 as a result. 

Jones was also instructed to “stay out of trouble” as well as attend anger management counselling, and pay a restitution fee of $750 to the victim of the damaged property. 

Las Vegas Review-Journal obtained an almost five-minute-long video of Jones’ arrest by responding Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers following his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame Fight Wing on the same night.

During the video, a belligerent and irate Jones, who is bending over the hood of a police cruiser, claimed the public arrest was “embarrassing”, as well as claiming he was just “walking down the street” at the time of his arrest. 

A responding officer informs Jones that he can freely stand up rather than bend over across the vehicle’s hood, as Jones then claims the officer, whom he labels a “nerd” had “humiliated” him on his “Hall of Fame night”. 

A distressed Jones then once more lies across the hood of the police cruiser, emotionally exclaiming “I hate you” to the officer repeatedly, before calling him a “f*cking nerd” and then requesting the officers name be spoken on camera. 

Jones then claimed that the officer had hurt him on his “Hall of Fame night”, just because he was “big and black”, before questioning what he had done to find himself arrested. 

Jones continues, detailing how he had done nothing to the responding officers, exclaiming that he had returned from his induction to the Hall of Fame.

When a responding officer asks Jones if his Hall of Fame induction had taken place at the Ceasars Palace Casino, he insisted he would not answer his question, before making an inaudible comment, which resulted in gasps from responding officers.

Jones then once again lies across the hood of the police cruiser, exclaiming, “hang me, hurt me, and kill me,” before asking why he had been arrested. 

Jones, who is handcuffed begins jumping in the air, and lies across the car’s hood again, before emotionally proclaiming “I hate you” to another officer, and then proceeds to headbutt the police cruiser’s hood.

As a result, three officers then escort Jones around the opposite side of the police cruiser, and place in the back seat of the vehicle, as he says “please don’t, guys” and “I didn’t do nothing”.

An officer informs Jones that he is “very stupid” for headbutting the police cruiser, explaining how footage had been captured on a body camera, before instructing Jones to sit in the car and “chill out”. 

The same officer then tells Jones, “we’ll get this figured out, man, but you gotta calm down” as Jones replies, “yes, sir”. 

Jones who is in an emotional state, asks the same officer to open the window of the police cruiser, informing him that he suffers from anxiety.

As the video footage ends, two officers assess the damage caused to the police cruiser as a result of Jones’ headbutt, with one officer claiming, “he ripped the paint and everything off”.

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