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Des Moines, Iowa– Tonight 2 Giants, Phil Conley and Darion Abbey will square off, to find out who’s the ‘King of Striking’ in a Ammy kickboxing MAIN EVENT in Des Moines, Iowa. Both gentleman with quiet demeanors refused to talk smack pre fight, instead chose to honor one another in a show of respect.

The massive Phil Conley at 6”5” 265, accepts main event with the #1 MMA ammy heavyweight in the entire midwest region, Darion Abbey. Undefeated Abbey, a huge monster himself at 6’6” 265, has been begging social media for the toughest opponents around to better prepare himself for his Soon to be Pro career, finally gets a his wish. Abbey a multi TitlIe holder won the MMA Nationals in the spring, then a another belt in June will compete for Tuff n Nuff , a major tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Conley is 10-1 (Porcelli’s Training Center) is coached under Bellator vet Brian green, and well-known Anthony Porcelli. Abbey 9-0 (Down To Fight) is coached under Derek Loffer and Bill Kamery. This will take place in September. Conley recently settling up with some federal issues, is out, and hungry for action after a very long lay off. Recently Abbey defeated Tyler Prokof, winning another Title.

I spoke both fighters recently and this is what they had to say:


“I just came home from Federal prison 3 months ago. I walk around at 275, so I just have to do a 10lb. Cut. I ll be around 270 come fight time. I just wanna come show my talent and how hard I’ve been working on my conditioning, strength, and skill. If he’s (Abbey) not doing the doing the same, then it’s gonna be an early night for him.”

For ticket to tonight event contact, you can purchase tickets at the door at Midwest Cycle Authority, 2544 Hubbel Ave, Des Moines, Iowa. Bike contest at 5pm, fight at 8pm sharp. Abbey mentioned he plans on going Pro sometime around the end of the year.


“He’s the biggest guy i’ve fought, height wise. He’s a big boy, I mean he’s bigger than me. I haven’t ran into anyone who’s been bigger than me, in the fight game (height). Height wise he’s pretty massive. I’m a big guy, and he (Conely) made me look little. I’m 6’6”, so he’s gotta be 6”7”. I don’t know anything about him, I expect him to be strong, and hit hard, like all big dudes do. I just know I’m gonna be the faster, all around better fighter. Like I said, I dont know anything about him.”

Abbey went on to add that he expected Conley to have the edge in the strength department, and he (Abbey) in the skill and athleticism area.

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