BellatorMMA signs 22 of Europes best

Over the last few week Bellator MMA have been snapping up some of europes best fighters. The likes of Kiefer Crosbie, Norman Parke, lewis Long & Richie Smullen to name a few.

Early today we found out that Bellator have planed a 6 week localised televised series, which will showcase some of the talent. They plan to air by end of October/November.

Hopefully this will bring some great match ups and the ability to air the fights live. BellatorMMA have confirmed that there will be a big announcement in next few days.

Check out the full list of who they signed below:


• Dylan Logan (2-3; fighting out of Ireland)
• Nathan Rose (6-1; fighting out of England)


• Terry Brazier (10-1; England)
• Pedro Carvalho (8-3; Ireland, by way of Portugal)
• Constantin Gnusariev (1-0;Ireland, by way of Moldova)
• Luka Jelcic (10-3;Ireland, by way of Croatia)
• Charlie Leary (15-9-1;England)
• Norman Parke (25-6-1, 1 NC; Northern Ireland)
• Myles Price (10-7, Ireland)
• Daniele Scatizzi (9-4;Ireland, by way of Italy)
• Sam Slater (2-0;Ireland)
• Richie Smullen (3-1-1;Ireland)
• Tim Wilde (12-3; England)


• Ruben Crawford (16-3; Ireland, by way of Germany)
• Kiefer Crosbie (4-0;Ireland)
• Walter Gahadza (17-3;England)
• Richard Kiely (2-1;Ireland)
• Ion Pascu (18-8;Ireland, by way of Romania)
• Jim Wallhead (29-11;England)


• Claudio Conti (7-5-2;Ireland, by way of Italy)
• John Redmond (7-13; Ireland)

Women’s Flyweight

• Antonela Orlic – (Ireland by way of Croatia)

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