Bellator MMA to re-air Bellator Birmingham on FightBook MMA at 4 p.m. MT

Bellator MM will be re-airing Bellator Birmingham in its entirety today at 4 p.m. MT / 6 p.m. EST in the video above. This fight was a memorable card that took place on May 4, 2019 and featured standout performances from Brent Primus, Pedro Carvalho, Fabian Edwards, Raymond Daniels, Brian Moore, and Saul Rogers, amongst others.

Bellator Birmingham Results:

  • Brent Primus vs. Tim Wilde – Primus defeats Wilde via 1st Round Submission
  • Pedro Carvalho vs. Derek Campos – Carvalho defeats Campos via 1st Round TKO
  • Fabian Edwards vs. Falco Neto Lopes – Edwards defeats Lopes via 1st Round TKO
  • Raymond Daniels vs. Wilker Barros – Daniels defeats Barros via 1st Round KO
  • Saul Rogers vs. Aiden Lee – Rogers defeats Lee via Unanimous Decision (30-27 30-27 3-27)
  • Brian Moore vs. Binh Son Le – Moore defeats Le via Unanimous Decision (30-27 30-26 30-26)
  • James Mulheron vs. Lee Chadwick – Chadwick defeats Mulheron via Unanimous Decision (30-27 30-27 3-27)
  • Jim Wallhead vs. Giorgio Pietrini – Wallhead defeats Pietrini via Unanimous Decision (30-27 30-26 30-27)
  • Dominique Wooding vs. David Khalsa – Wooding defeats Khalsa via 1st Round TKO
  • Craig Turner vs. Ashley Reece – Reece defeats Turner via Unanimous Decision (30-27 30-27 30-27)
  • Kane Mousah vs. Mateusz Piskorz – Mousah defeats Piskorz via Unanimous decision (30-27 30-27 30-27)
  • Akonne Wanliss vs. Sam Slater – Wanliss defeats Slater Via 2nd Round TKO
  • Dan Cassell vs. John Nicholls – Cassell defeats Nicholls via 1st Round TKO
  • Yannick Bahati vs. Adis Dadovic – Bahati defeats Dadovic via 1st Round Submission
  • Simon Ridgeway vs. Nicolo Solli – Nicolo Solli defeats Simon Ridgeway via 2nd round TKO.
  • Constantin Gnusariev vs. Kieran Lister – Judges score this as a Draw (29-28 28-27 28-28)
  • Lee Percival vs. Raphael Uchegbu – Raphael Uchegbu via Round 1 Submission.
  • Gavin Hughes vs Mohammad Yahya – Hughes defeats Yahya via Round 2 Submission

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