Ben Sharp talks about his win at CFC 10

Clarksville, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 10 took place Saturday, June 26 at the Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, Tennessee

Ben Sharp won against Desean Wolf by TKO in the first round, bringing his amateur MMA record to (2-1) in addition to having a (2-2) record in kickboxing. Jonathan Kelly talked to Sharp after the fight to find out more about the fighter and talk about the fight itself.

Check the discussion out below.

Kelly: Ben thank you for taking the time to talk to me after your fight at CFC 10. For those wanting to know more about you, how long have you been training MMA? 

Sharp: I started doing Jiu Jitsu five years ago, so I guess that’s where I started. I started boxing when I was sixteen, so I picked up Jiu Jitsu sometime after that. But I’ve only started mixing it up in the past four and a half, five years.

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Kelly: What gyms do you train at? Or is it just one gym in particular?

Sharp: I do my Jiu Jitsu at Phoenix MMA and I do my boxing at Club K.O. 

Kelly: Prior to training at these gyms, did you have any martial arts training beforehand?

Sharp: I didn’t do any traditional martial arts like wrestling. I had a cousin that fought at Silvergloves and he showed me the basics of boxing when I was sixteen.

Kelly: Did the fight go how you wanted it to or was there another avenue for the win you wanted to take?

Sharp: Not really man, I mean I won in the first round. Maybe I wish that it lasted a little bit longer, but I can’t be mad at that, ya know.

Kelly: Were you shocked that your opponent tried to grapple with you? If so, was this something you tried to avoid or did you welcome it?

Sharp: I figured he would grapple with me. I think that most of the dudes I fight in MMA are going to grapple with me because of my striking background. I expected him to wrestle with me and I think most people in MMA are going to wrestle with me.

Kelly: Seeing how the fight was not on the feet for long, were you happy that you got to show off your Jiu-jitsu and wrestling more than your striking, or would you have preferred to demonstrate the latter? 

Sharp: Oh yeah, I was happy to show off my grappling because in my last fight I lost to a dude who has been wrestling his whole life in the Midwest and a lot of people were saying I had no grappling and that it was non-existent. This one dude I was supposed to fight next, I think he was trying to bank on me not having any skill in grappling because he ended up getting a different opponent the day after I won. So, it was awesome to show people that I can grapple this past weekend.

Kelly: Though the fight ended quickly with you as the victor, what would you say your biggest criticism of your performance was?

Sharp: Honestly, I felt almost too relaxed when I stepped in the cage. The whole day I was nervous, but when I stepped in the cage, I felt no anxiety or stress. And I kind of need that for fighting, especially in that first round.

Kelly: Did being in that calmer state throw you off at all?

Sharp: It didn’t throw me off at all, but you should have a bit of nerves about yourself, I mean I did all day and a little bit in the locker room. But as the fight got closer, I got calmer and calmer and by the time I got in the cage, it was like nothing.

Kelly: When can we expect to see Ben Sharp back in the cage?

Sharp: I am trying to fight in a kickboxing bout in a couple weeks in Nashville. Originally, I was going to fight July 10th, but the guy I was supposed to fight got a different opponent after my win. There’s also a 90% chance I fight in MMA again August 21st for Valor, so they’re trying to get me an opponent. They say there’s going to be a lot of guys in my weight class on the card.

Kelly: Lastly, I want to say again congratulations on your win, and I look forward to seeing your next bout. Is there anything else you would like to add or anybody you would like to thank?

Sharp: I’d like to thank everybody that got me ready for the fight.


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