Bennett complements experience in IMMAF contributing to his success

Ben Bennett started his professional career in Brave Combat Federation with a victory. At Brave 13: Europe Evolution, Bennett had to deal with a last-minute opponent change. However he overwhelmed Sebastian Kozok to win the bout by doctor’s stoppage at the end of the first round. Bennett is among the talent from IMMAF system signed by Brave Combat Federation. Bennett who has an amateur record of 30-3-0 will compete in the welterweight division of Brave Combat Federation.

Following the victory, Bennett revealed that he will be open for more challenges. “It feels great to start my debut with a victory. I had seen how Brave Combat Federation operates when I took part in the 2017 IMMAF world championships. It was impressive and after fighting for Brave Combat Federation, I cannot wait to return to compete in the promotion.”, said Bennett.

Bennett also noticed the growing representation of fighters from the United States of America and is keen to return to Brave International Combat Week hosted in Bahrain, this time competing in the professional division. “During IMMAF World Championships we are unaware about our opponent. So the last minute change in the opponent did not affect me. During the world championships we are trained to focus on ourselves and one can expect any opponent. This helped me to focus on my game plan and to adapt really quick.”, added Bennett.


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