Best active MMA fighter’s with winning streaks – whose are most at risk?

Mixed martial arts continues to be a popular sport to watch around the world. From KSW to UFC, Bellator, and beyond, MMA has no trouble pulling in fans. It seems we just cannot get enough of its drama, hard-hitting action, and tough battles. Of course, the fighters who compete in MMA also draw fans in because of their storylines and personalities.

MMA is also a market leader when it comes to betting thanks to the wild unpredictability that the sport brings to each fight. MMA betting picks are notoriously complex, with round, score, type of finish, and of course, the victor, all available as options. Although it might seem tricky to pick who will win a fight, a little research and expert help make it simpler. Placing wagers on which fighter might win brings a little extra excitement to proceedings and can help you feel more involved with the fight.

One thing you might consider when placing an MMA bet is whether a fighter is on a hot winning streak. It is also worth thinking about whether that streak is about to end! But which active MMA warriors might be about to lose a current winning run?

Jan Blachowicz

One active MMA fighter who has built up a nice little winning streak lately is the UFC’s Jan Blachowicz. This Polish light heavyweight was the KSW Light Heavyweight champion before moving to the UFC and has been a pro since 2007. Known for his punching power, ability to go the distance, and toughness, Blachowicz’s last victory against Israel Adesanya to defend his UFC Light Heavyweight title was a hit on PPV.

This left him on a 5-win streak beginning in July 2019 and heading into UFC 267 in October 2021. But could this streak be about to end? UFC 267 sees him up against Glover Teixeira and this will not be an easy fight. With the title up for grabs, Teixeira will be fired up to use his renowned submission and finishing skills to end Blachowicz’s run.

Aljamain Sterling

The other major fight happening at UFC 267 in October 2021 is Sterling/Yan 2. This is a rematch of the bout from March 2021, which led to Sterling winning due to Yan being disqualified for an illegal knee. This victory not only gave Sterling the UFC Bantamweight title but also saw him extend his current winning run to six fights.

From a wrestling and BJJ background, Sterling’s awesome ground skills and submission work make him a tough opponent to face. But could Yan be about to spoil his current streak of wins? The Russian fighter is a tremendous puncher and uses great movement to strike with devastating effect. If he can keep it as a stand-up battle, then he could well threaten Sterling’s record.

Jon Jones

This may sound a little crazy when you think about how much of a gifted fighter the legend Jon Jones is. Currently, on a 17-fight winning run — the no-contest against Daniel Cormier in July 2017 is being ignored, it seems insane to suggest this could be broken when he decides to step into the Octagon again. But, is this record more at risk than it appears?

Let’s not forget that Jones has not fought since February 2020 and would be rusty getting back in for his next contest. Even with all the training in the world, that lack of actual practice could see him beaten. On top of this, he is also on record as wanting to fight in the Heavyweight division moving forward. Could this step up in weight prove a threat to his record and see bigger fighters with more power trouble him?

Kamaru Usman

If you thought Jon Jones’ 17 bout winning run was impressive, then Usman’s 18 contest streak is even better. This fighter has not lost since 2013 and has picked up some big-name scalps such as Masvidal, Maia, and dos Anjos along the way. His next fight is a rematch against Colby Covington to defend his UFC Welterweight title in November 2021.

Could this be the bout where his record slips? Covington knows how to tackle Usman as he has fought him once before and should therefore be better prepared now. Although Usman looks invincible still, it only takes a below-par performance and a moment of magic from Covington to change all this.

MMA fighters with active unbeaten streaks

The above names are some of the best active MMA fighters with current winning streaks. As this implies, they are all tough warriors who have what it takes to extend their runs. For the ones we have listed though, it is no foregone conclusion. The future may not go quite how they planned, and this could put their winning streaks at risk.


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