Best Chest Exercises for Women to Build Strength


When it comes to women exercising there is a general connotation that their exercises focus on making women look fit. Hence exercises that will help define your waist, shape your legs and arms or exercises that will help them reduce weight are mostly highlighted and sought out the most. However it is equally important for women to build their strength as it is important for men.

Having a strong core and upper body strength will help women achieve many tasks that are otherwise believed to be worthy of men. For example having a strong upper body will mean you don’t need to hire or ask any man to lift your heavy luggage, groceries or even furniture; you can do all of that on your own! What a feeling it is to be able to do all your own heavy lifting, just too liberating!

It’s not an easy task having to build a strong upper body or to have strong chest muscles; it requires a lot of hard work and motivation. But don’t worry we have you covered in this article! If you are a strong independent woman seeking to build your core and upper body strength then keep reading this article! We have selected some of the best exercises that will aid you in your journey!

1. Plank

Planks and all its variations are credited to be one of the best exercises for upper body and chest muscles. And no doubt, it is a wonderful exercise that will give you the best hardcore upper body workout you need. A minute in the plank position will leave your entire body shivering and shaking and you will see your sweat dripping down your face in no time!

How to do it: All you need is a yoga mat and you’re good to go!

Lie down on the mat facing down, now bring your hands right under your shoulders and lift your entire weight on your hands and your toes, the entire time your back should be straight. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds as a beginner and gradually keep holding this position for as long as your hands and toes can carry you for!

2. Push Ups

Pushups are again a variation of the plank position, but they are more intense, which means you will be burning even more fat and your arms will get more toned as well.  

How to do it: Coming in the usual plank position start by bending your elbows and bring your face down to the mat as much as you can and then pushing your weight back up by straightening your arms and returning to that original plank position. Repeat this for at least 3 sets 20 times each as a beginner and the gradually you can increase the number.

3. Incline Push Ups

Incline pushups are just like your regular pushups, however this time you need to keep your upper body in an inclined position. For this you will need to place something under your hands so that you create a lean and inclined position with your body. You can put a stepping bench or even your own furniture like the side of your sofa, bed, foot of the stairs; now place your hands on this chosen surface and make sure the rest of your body is making a lean inclined angle. Now continue to do your push up as usual.

Try doing these for 20 times for 3 sets as a beginner.

4. Chest Press

You need dumbbells to do this exercise. Now depending on your preference you can either sit with your back straight or lie down on your back. Now carrying your dumbbells bring them above your chest and then gradually bend your elbows bringing the hands adjacent to the sides of your chest. And then again raise your arms upwards above your chest. Repeat this motion for at least 3 sets of 20 times each.

5. Triceps Extensions

For this exercise you again need dumbbells and you need to be in a sitting position; so either you can sit on a bench or on your knees. Now bringing the dumbbells together raise these dumbbells above and over your head all the way to your back, and then bring them back to the front of your chest again. Repeat this motion for at least 3 sets for 20 times.


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