The Best Arm Exercises to do at Home

The pandemic has left us wondering how we can get back to our routines, especially our gyming routine. It seems as though everything has come to a dead end and not being able to workout has really taken a toll at our mental and physical health. But don’t worry you are not alone in this trauma! We hear you loud and clear and that is why we have compiled some of the best arm exercises for those of you who have been struggling a great deal to get those perfect massive arm muscles!

Arm exercises are a huge and important part of any workout, and usually arm exercises that help you lose weight or help you build muscle mass will have other positive effects on the rest of your body as well. You don’t necessarily need to go to the gym in order to get that perfect hardcore arms workout. You can get the same kind of workout by staying at home too. For your further assistance we have divided the arm exercises into two types, with weights and without weights. However if you’re interested in getting the best arms and core workout then keep reading this article and we are sure you will not be disappointed!

Arm Exercises without Weights:

  1. Plank

Planks are one of the best exercises to do for arm muscle building and core strength. Planks even help you keep your mind focused; they are excellent form or cardio and help circulate your blood throughout your body without having to move any of your muscles constantly. It is the best kind of weight training that only requires you to work with your body weight and that’s it.

To make this position all you need to do is to lie flat on your stomach, and then put your hands right under your shoulders. Then lift your entire weight on your hands by pushing upwards, keeping your back lean and straight.

Definitely try this position for at least 30 seconds if you are a beginner and then slowly increase that time limit to one minute and more.

  • Pushups

Pushups are considered as an extension of the regular plank position. After forming the plank position you need to bend your arms and bring your face as close to the floor as possible. In the beginning you might find this motion hard to do, in fact you might find your arms and legs shaking as well, this exercise is definitely not as easy as it seems. But gradually with practice you are bound to get better at it.

Try to do this exercise for at least 3 sets, 20 times each.

  • Arm Circles

Again this is one of the most effective arm exercises that do not require you to use any equipment at all. For this exercise you can either sit on your knees or stand up straight. Now raise your arms to the sides as though you have wings. And now rotate your arms clockwise for 20 times and then anti clock wise again for 20 times. This workout will definitely help you lose that arm fat and help you gain muscle mass.

Arm Exercises with Weights:

  1. Triceps Extensions

In this exercise all you need are dumbbells, and again decide whether you want to sit on your knees or stand up straight, you can even lie down on your back on a bench. By holding your dumbbells right above your head and then start by taking your hands and back as far above and over your head. Now bring back your hands back over your head.

This exercise is not only highly effective for your arm muscles but also your back and waist.

  • Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are also considered to be one of the most effective arm exercises. For this exercise all you need are dumbbells and then you can either stand up straight or lie down in a 45° angle on a bench. No bring your dumbbells in front of you with your elbows bent like you are holding a tray; then gradually straighten your arms downwards towards your legs. Repeat this motion for at least 3 sets, 20 times each.

  • Upright Row

For this exercise you need a barbell and all you need to do is stand up straight and hold a barbell in your hands. Now you need to raise the barbell towards your head, and as you are raising the barbell you can squeeze your elbows inwards towards your head for optimum results.

Try doing this exercise for 3 sets, 20 times each for a good workout.


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