Best Workout Regimes for Boxers

Boxing is a pretty serious and hardcore sport, and if you are familiar with this sport then no doubt you will agree that boxing demands a lot of strength, focus, concentration and motivation from its players. If as a kid you liked punching holes in the walls and you grew to realize that you associated yourself with the sport and that it helped you release energy in the best possible way, then there is no doubt about that. Boxing helps to train not only your physical body but also helps individuals release negative energies related to stress and anxieties.

It is a very healthy sport and we recommend highly that if you have an interest in this sport then definitely invest your energy into it. Mentally prepare yourself for the energy and strength that this sport will demand of you. Then further make sure you purchase the right boxing equipment and tools that will help you polish your skills even more. We recommend buying boxing gloves and punching bags, because you will definitely need these at home to practice as much as you can even after your professional training. The more you will practice the better you will get at this sport.

If you have made up your mind and are ready to begin boxing then continue reading this article because we are going to inform you about all the necessary training you need to begin your journey. A healthy and efficient workout regime will definitely get you in that mindset required to continue to the more serious and focused training for boxing.

Here are a few workouts we highly recommend to boxers in training:

1. Skipping

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Skipping is highly an exercise that is highly recommended for any athlete training for a hardcore sport. This is because skipping helps to raise your heart beat, built your stamina and efficiently improves your blood circulation as well. We suggest you should begin your workout with skipping so that you can properly energize your mind and rejuvenate your muscles.

As a beginner you will immediately realize how much skipping will actually aid and befit you; perhaps at the beginning you might struggle with this exercise as no doubt its quite demanding. But gradually you will get a hang of it and you will see your body improve and react positively to this exercise.

2. Burpees

Burpees as well are highly recommended and mostly for the same reasons as skipping. Burpees are an all rounder exercise as you will be working all your muscles when you start doing these. You will begin by forming a squat position and jumping up and then coming down to a plank position. This alone will work your legs, abdomen and your glutes.

Then after you have come down to a plank position you will jump and bring your legs as close to your hands as possible like in a frog position. Then jump up and the last position will be to stand up straight.

Continue and repeat this exercise at least 20 times as a beginner and then gradually increase the number as your stamina also increases.

3. Push Ups

This exercise will help you work on your core strength and your upper body simultaneously. For this exercise you need to make a plank position and then begin by bending your elbows and holding your entire weight on your arms. Now push your entire weight upwards on your hands as you stretch your arms.

Repeat this motion for at least 20 times as a beginner and then increase the number gradually. Once you will begin doing this exercise you will realize that this is an excellent form of burning fat, increasing core strength and building upper body strength.

4. Pull Ups

As a boxer you will realize that you should try to build your upper body strength and core strength as much as possible. Pull ups will again aid you in this as it requires you to pull all your body weight upwards. The energy that this exercise demands helps burn fat and also helps your muscles become more flexible.

6. Shadow Boxing

This exercise should be a given for anyone training to be a boxer; not only will this help you get better at boxing but also help build your stamina, concentration levels and footwork required to be a successful boxer.


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