Best BJJ Escaping Techniques in GI

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu just like the martial arts trains its students to learn about self-defense and also how to deliver some incredible moves on to your opponent that will force them to be pinned to the ground. These techniques are taught so as to protect yourself from harm, reduce the ability of your opponent to create harm for you but also for a person to restrict their opponent without causing too much pain or damage to them.

To be able to learn all these tricks in its most pure and traditional form the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is taught wearing a Kimono style GI. This uniform guides and assists learners of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of how to perform and perfect techniques. Now while it might be easier to mount and restrict someone wearing a GI it also becomes just as challenging to free and escape yourself from the grasps of another. Perhaps because it is so challenging that learning this escape forms is an excellent practice for athletes to be patient and mindful of their moves.

In this article, we will be discussing the top most important escaping techniques that are taught to students and beginners of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

1. Escape from Under the Mount

If you find yourself trapped under your opponent in the mount position then you know this is quite a difficult position to escape from. However the technique to get out of this position is also just as easy but requires concentration and practice to perfect.

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What you need to do: grab your opponent’s right hand with your own right hand. This will secure your hold and make it difficult for the opponent to break free. Now grab your opponents elbow with your left hand to further secure your grip. Now take one foot and wrap that foot by bringing it over around the opposite leg of your opponent.

Now that you have completely locked your opponent, use the foot that is free, put all your weight on it, and push. This will let you roll over to one side now bring you over your opponent.

2. Push Guard Escape

Again this is a fairly easy technique of freeing yourself from the grasps of your opponent. In this position you’re stuck between the legs of your opponent and your opponent has grabbed your robe.

What you need to do: Grab the belt of your opponent sitting on your knees. Now just simply push your opponent away from you as strongly as you can by stretching your arms. Your aim is to slide your opponent away from as far as you can.

This technique will take some time to perfect until you can truly apply the force needed to thrust your opponent away.

3. Elbow Drive Guard Escape

To use this escape technique again you will find yourself in the grasps of your opponent’s legs.

What you need to do: Again you need to sit on your knees, grab a hold of your opponent’s belt with your fingers being under the belt. Now use all your force and pull down the belt towards your opponent’s thighs. This will cause your opponent excruciating pain and cause them to open their legs letting you escape from their grasp.

With more practice, you can even apply enough force that will put pressure on your opponent’s thigh’s veins even causing them to faint sometimes. This is a very effective technique no doubt and we definitely suggest you try it.

4. Hip Roll Head Lock Escape

The most effective time to try this technique is when you are stuck in a headlock position by your opponent. If one of your hands is trapped under your opponent’s body, then try to grab your wrist with your other hand. Secure your grip as firmly as possible. Now slide your body from under your opponent’s body and put all your weight on your foot and pull on the wrist that you have grabbed with your other hand.

Along with pulling your wrist also thrust your hips up with your might and force your opponent over yourself. Continue pulling your opponent until they are completely fallen over to the other side and you can successfully mount them and pin them to the ground.


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