BKFC 4: Cecilia Ulloa Flores Excited To Fight Bec Rawlings And Represent Her Country, Mexico

In less than two weeks’ time, Bec Rawlings will head into enemy territory, where she will defend her title against Cecilia Ulloa Flores, who makes her bare knuckle debut at BKFC 4: USA vs. Mexico.


FightBook MMA spoke with Cecilia ahead of her championship bout, and she’s more than excited to represent her country in a battle for gold.

“I am very excited and happy that I have been given the opportunity to share this debut with a fighter that has as much experience as Bec Rawlings, and I have to confess that she was one of the fighters I identify myself with because of the fact that we are both mothers, and great warriors.” Cecilia continues, Another opportunity that my professional career opens doors to another level where we will leave a mark. The eyes of other promoters will turn to see us.”

As Bare Knuckle FC makes their international debut in Cancun, Mexico, Ulloa Flores couldn’t be more ready to represent her country, in hopes of becoming the promotions new women’s flyweight champion.

“Yes, it is very exciting to know that I will represent my country and I feel a lot of commitment to my Mexican people, I know that we Mexicans do not split up, I’m going to put up a big fight, it will be the transformation of Cecy. I will exploit my capabilities and It’s going to be a great fight between us two. I think this was something that I wanted to see in my going beyond my own limits.”

Having competed in professional mixed martial arts (MMA) and Muay Thai, Cecilia will use her combat career learnings as she continues to prepare for her bare knuckle boxing debut, saying in addition, BKB in Mexico will have many followers, including other competitors.

“This is a very different discipline (BKB), and I feel that it is the reality of everything I have learned during my career. I feel excited to experience it, and if I feel that my extremes and the adrenaline are part of my character and personality. I think in Mexico, this is a sport that will be followed by a lot of competitors.”

Competing on the same card as her teacher J.C. Llamas, who fights Chris Lytle on February 2nd, Cecilia says “we are never going to break up”, and that her and her great team will leave their hearts above that ring come fight night.

“It’s an honor and a lot of pride to know that part of my career and the discipline of Jiu Jitsu has been under the supervision of JC Llamas, equally endorsed by Fabiano Iha are both a great team and great exponents in martial arts. Ulloa Flores tells FightBook MMA, “I feel full of energy, encouragement to go and win that battle because we are both warriors, we have that amber to grow in what we do and achieve our goals no matter how difficult the tests are. We never break up, we are always going to leave the heart above the ring or in any battle.”

While a championship opportunity comes to her territory early next month, Ulloa Flores believes her and the people of Mexico are “determined”, and have no problem getting into that ring and fighting a clean fight, of course with a victory in mind.

“I do believe what distinguishes us Mexicans from other countries that we are very determined, we are brave and I think that many Mexicans would have no problem in getting into a ring and fighting a clean fist fight.”

With an overwhelming amount of support as BKFC 4 approaches, a hopeful future BKB champion gives her thanks to her many sponsors as the interview came to an end.

“I have to thank my sponsors who have made this possible. Thanks to each and every one of you. Licorería Don fell, the Arkos University, facilities cacho, Etac Mexico. Dental 12, Frontier wellness, ARRA Group, Ultrasports, the Barriles restaurant, Madeira bistro, Di vina bistro, water velika, sports fitness supplements, the bone MC low south, restaurant The snail, Zhe fight, Two Shark, Extreme magazine, the Grouper , bar el toro, pizza zefferinos, Red zone, Master gym los cabos, super power crossfit, Ami Team Camberos Team, Jhazfit, seafood Gabo, Romano Team, Alternative The Cabos Therapy, Gaby Sosa nutritionist, and my personal gym Extreme FIGTHERS TEAM.pto.”

In less than two weeks, live on PPV and FITE TV, BKFC 4: USA vs. Mexico, ft. Bec Rawlings vs. Cecilia Ulloa Flores, for the BKFC and Police Gazette titles.  

For more information on BKFC 4 and future events, head over to www.bareknuckle.tv


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