BKFC 4: Julian Lane Eyeing Title Fight With A Win Over Leonard Garcia, Says “Anyone Who Steps Into My Natural Habitat Will Be Food”

Julian ‘Hell Boy’ Lane steps into the Bare Knuckle FC ring this Saturday, where he takes on UFC veteran, Leonard Garcia. Both are making their BKFC debuts, but as a former BKB champion, and more recently victorious over Joey Angelo in Casper, Wyoming this past November, Lane will bring the greater experience to Cancun, Mexico.

BKFC 4: USA vs. Mexico is the promotions first international event, and also their first in the new year.

FightBook MMA spoke with ‘Hell Boy’, who is now 2-1 in bare knuckle boxing, and he talks about his up-and-coming fight, nickname change, injury recovery and more.

Well aware of the task at hand on February 2nd, Julian is no stranger to tough opponents. Though a long time fan of Garcia, Lane says it won’t stop him from making him feel his power when that bell rings.

“Leonard Garcia is definitely a tough opponent for me, but it’s nothing I’m not use to. Every fight I have ever had has been a tough, game opponent. I’ve been a fan of Garcia since I saw him fight years ago and now I’m fighting him. That’s something I probably never thought would happen, but I’m honored to be fighting a veteran like Garcia. My game plan going in this fight is the same as always, come out and make him feel my power right away. I like to push the pace in fights and Bare knuckle is my nature. It’s raw and that’s what I am, raw”

In his last fight on November 9th, where Lane scored a split-decision victory, he broke his hand early on in the bout, causing more damage as the fight continued through the later rounds. Nearly three months later, Julian says he’s back to 100%, and had a rather fast recovery.

“My hand actually recovered really fast after my last fight. It’s definitely 100% going into this fight, but I feel it’s even stronger.” Lane continued to tell FightBook MMA, “The only thing I’ve changed with my approach going into this fight is pick my shots more wisely and don’t get reckless. Last fight I hit Angelo with a left hook that hit him in the top of the head, which broke my hand but he was also around 6’1 so I was aiming high. With Garcia, he will either be the same height or shorter, so my shots will be more precise, and will be testing his chin rather than his skull”

Prior to his fight in Casper, Wyoming, Lane was already talking with David Feldman (President of Bare Knuckle FC), saying ultimately the transition to BKFC was simple, and it seems it was only a matter of time before he would compete for the promotion.

“My transition to Bare Knuckle FC was fairly simple. I have been talking about this fight with (David) Feldman since September before my fight in November. I didn’t want that big of a gap in between fights so that’s why I took the fight with Angelo in November. Besides, I think it helped me out a bit and gave Feldman a little sample of what I’m all about. I beat a guy 6’1′, 200lbs and I went into that fight at 178lbs. Now I’m finally fighting someone in my natural weight class at 165lbs, which is something I’ve always wanted”

In the more recent months, Julian Lane decided to change his nickname ‘Nitrane’, which he went by since high school, to ‘Hell Boy’, which he explains.

“My nickname used to be ‘Nitrane’, which was given to me by my high school wrestling coach Anthony Mcduffie. When I started fighting, I just kept using the name, but later on in my career figured the true meaning of the name that describe me. My entire career I have always booked my fights because I didn’t have a manager. I started training in my dad’s garage in Mansfield Ohio, and that’s when I booked my first fight. I would always look on mixed martial arts. Come and look at fight cards that needed fighters. 9 times out of 10 it was the backyard guy/main event who needed an opponent. So I would be the underdog, the dark horse of the competition every time. That’s when I realized what the ‘Nitrane’ meant to me. Now after fighting 11 years, I have finally started to take my career 100% serious and focus harder, train harder and bare knuckle fighting gave me a clean slate to start a new beginning. The rise of ‘HELLBOY’. I have found myself through God, and have finally figured out my purpose in life. I’m the lion of Judah, God’s most fierce chosen warrior! I have battled demons my entire life but I never understood this. Always letting the demons get the best of me. Now I know how to disguise myself when I’m battling these demons in my everyday life. When the lion of Judah goes to battle he wears a demon mask to disguise himself in battle. That’s why I have changed my name to Hellboy!”

2018 was a huge year for bare knuckle boxing as a sport, especially in the United States, but 2017 was even better for Julian. In his debut, Lane defeated BKB champion, Jimmy Sweeney, who was 17-0 at the time.

“2018 was definitely a big year for bare knuckle fighting in the USA, but 2017 was a huge year for myself in bare knuckle, which opened doors for a lot of fighters.” Lane continued, “I set the tone for the Americans in bare knuckle. November of 2017 I went to England to take on the so called “King” of bare knuckle boxing, Jimmy Sweeney. Sweeney was 17-0 and I fought him for the BKB middleweight title on my debut bare knuckle boxing fight. That’s when I not only knocked him down twice in 5 rounds, but I won the decision in Sweeney’s backyard. I am the first American to win bare knuckle boxing world title and the first and still the only to beat him. I dethroned the King, so that makes me the real King of bare knuckle. Now this year, 2019 will be even bigger. I’m definitely heading for the bare knuckle fighting world title. I will be crowned once again for BKFC shortly after I show Feldman and the world what I say is true. I have faith that God has a plan for me in this bare knuckle era. Have faith, and faith becomes reality!”

With a lengthy training camp, and fully recovered broken hand, ‘Hell Boy’ Lane says he’s the pound for pound BKB king, and will look to prove it this weekend at BKFC 4.

“The fans already know what to expect when I step into the ring. That’s my jungle and the lion of Judah, the King of the jungle. Anyone who steps into my natural habitat will be food. I’m on a mission by God, and I’m the most fierce warrior, The chosen one! February 2nd Garcia will feel the wrath of God. I’m the pound for pound bare knuckle king, and that’s fact.”

Watch BKFC 4: USA vs. Mexico live this Saturday on PPV and Fite TV, featuring Julian Lane vs. Leonard Garcia, and much more.




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