BRAVE CF 48 Fakhreddine vs Menem Face-Off Heats Up, Loser Shaves His Head

Hassan Fakhreddine and Eslam Abdul Menem have made a pre-fight deal before their bout at BRAVE CF 48: Arabian Night on March 18th. The loser of the bout will have to shave his head and beard after the bout and post it on their social media. 

Fakhreddine and Abdul Menem faced-off virtually Wednesday night after the official weigh in that took place at the Nordic Palace and Spa in Bahrain that morning. The fighters exchanged heavy words, both determined they will end up the victor and not lose their undefeated record. 

“I want to finish the fight in the first second. I did not come from Egypt to predict whether I was going to win or lose. I came to win,” says Abdul Baset. “He came to have fun, I came to torture him. Before I win, I will torture him.”

The conversation escalated quickly and the BRAVE CF Middleweight World Champion’s Younger Brother Hassan Fakhreddine did not spare his opponent any jabs. 

“You’re not on my level. I respect you and that’s why I want to end the fight quickly,” says Hassan Fakhreddine. “You’re easy to hit, you’re an easy target, and I want you to just imagine how my fists are going to come from every single angel, you won’t even know where the hit is going to come from, I promise you.”

Halfway through the face-offs, Fakhreddine’s confidence edged him towards making a bet; the loser of the fight will shave his head and facial hair post fight. 

“Let’s bet,” Fakhreddine says. “The guy who loses shaves his mustache.” 

To which Abdul Baset replied, “I’ll make you shave your hair and I have hair clippers I will bring to the event so you could do it straight after.” 

They went back and forth with the rules of the bet and settled with the terms. The loser of the fight will have to shave both his hair and facial hair after the fight and post a picture on social media. 

“You got it, that’s the rule,” Fakhreddine says. “If I lose, I shave my hair and beard, but if you lose, you shave your hair and mustache. Mark it down.”

This fight clearly means a lot to both of the fighters, they are representing their countries on the biggest Arab fight card in the world meant to bring up the next generation of Arab fighters on the global scene in front of 800M viewers. 

“No one knows how hard I have worked to reach this promotion, so believe me, you will be surprised by this fight,” Abdul Baset says. 

 “Tomorrow you’re going to feel the pain, and see what I am all about,” Hassan Fakhreddine says. “Lebanon’s flag is going to be raised at the end of this fight.”

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