Courtney Hendo, Ex-Monster photographer, talks about Hans Molenkamp

Monster Energy combat sports representative Hans Molenkamp allegations continue to surface.

Dominick Cruz called of Molenkamp after his UFC 259 victory and now others have come out to back up Cruz’s claims. As we all know, Monster is one of the UFC’s and Bellator’s official sponsors and they sponsor some MMA fighters.

In the video above, former photographer for Monster, who worked closely with Molenkamp, talks about his experience and talks about these allegations. Hendo began combats sports photography by taking photos at Alliance MMA in San Diego. Due to his work in that gym is how Hendo met Molenkamp and eventually getting hired by Monster Energy.

Courtney Hendo says in the video in part: “If you look at his social media, it seems he’s the cool guy, the fun guy,” Hendo states. “He’s around all these elite fighters. you know. He’s the cool guy, but behind the scenes, these guys are forced to interact with him. They’re forced to do all the antics, get the Monster can kicked out of their hand, and do all this stupid stuff and these crazy, funny videos. They’re forced to do that. If they don’t do that, what happens is that they will lose their contract. They’re pretty much held hostage. And that was the same thing with me.”

Monster Energy is looking into the allegations made by Cruz.

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