BRAVE CF 52’s Nursulton Ruziboev is on a quest to prove that he’s more than the “Slam KO guy”

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Uzbekistan’s Nursulton Ruziboev made waves in his BRAVE Combat Federation debut when he got a knockout win via slam against Ibrahim Mane and, of course, the images traveled around the world and his popularity grew exponentially.

Usually, not a single fighter in the world would complain about being the star of a viral MMA video, which brings fame and recognition among the community.

In Ruziboev’s case, though, he’s now on a quest to expand his narrative, proving that he’s much more than just the “Slam KO guy”. Coming off a greco-roman background, Nursulton started his career in Martial Arts in his young days.

But before becoming an adult, he already had experience in Freestyle wrestling and boxing as well. The natural path, then, was to move on to Mixed Martial Arts and the Uzbek hero did so when he was already living in Russia with his family, at age 18. 

Things started moving faster for Ruziboev when he signed his first pro MMA contract in Russia and he quickly became one of the most prolific names in the Russian national scene.

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The success in the national level drew the attention of the BRAVE CF scouting team, which eventually led to his debut with a slam KO at BRAVE CF 47, back in March.

Now, Nursulton Ruziboev, who holds a professional record of 29 wins, 8 losses and 2 draws, is set to face his toughest challenge so far, as he takes on the former BRAVE CF world champion Abdoul Abdouraguimov at BRAVE CF 52, on August 1st, in Milan, Italy. It is the perfect opportunity for him to prove that the “Slam KO guy” has a few more cards up his sleeve.

VIDEO: Ruziboev’s KO among the most impressive so far in 2021 for BRAVE CF


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