Brown: May be you’re looking at a legend one day

Kerrith Brown, President of IMMAF appreciated Frans Mlambo in securing the championship title opportunity at Brave Combat Federation. Brown was speaking to Jason van Schalkwyk from Scuffle media during the IMMAF African Open.

Mlambo is a gold medalist at the 2015 IMMAF World Championships hosted in Las Vegas, USA. Mlambo was trained by veteran coach, John Kavanagh at the SBG Ireland. Mlambo who was born in South Africa, settled in his Ireland and is training at SBG Ireland ever since. The prospect evolved out of the IMMAF system will join those who embarked in a professional career and had the chance to compete for the championship title of the promotion. Currently Mlambo is on a three fight win streak and has finished four of his five wins in his career within the first round.

“I wish him all the best and good luck. As I have said, all of IMMAF is rooting for him. He is part of that transition. Well done for Brave Combat Federation for signing him. The way his journey is shaping, may be you are looking at a legend one day”, said Kerrith Brown, President of IMMAF.

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