When competing in MMA, it’s important to be in the best shape you can. It can be rather violent and extremely dangerous when you’re in an octagon unprepared. You need to be ready and at peak physical fitness before every fight. This, along with proper trading and technique, will help you come out as the victor of your fight. Here are a few ways and tips to increase your muscle mass before it’s time to get in the octagon.  


Your diet is key to being able to put on muscle. It takes a lot of protein and calories to add on weight. You want it to be a healthy weight, such as muscle mass, so only adding weight through fat and water can be unhealthy and slow you down in the fight. One of the best ways to gain muscle is to eat lean meats. Eating things like chicken, venison, or beef are great protein sources.


When you are trying to add muscle, you may find it difficult to get all of the nutrients your body needs. Sometimes you may need to take supplements to help get that extra boost needed. Do some research before buying anything to understand things like what is thrive. You can also keep track of what you lack as you are training. Heavy training days mean you’ll need more energy or protein. If you’re looking to cut weight, you’ll need to eliminate waste. Taking a fat burner will help you burn this off. Remember that each part of your training may present challenges to your body’s needs that are different than before.


You may not think that cardio is very important to your training, but it’s a common misconception. Doing cardio will help you build all the muscles in your body. It helps expand your lungs, causing your body to intake more oxygen which in turn feeds it to your muscles. Cardio will cut out the fat in your body allowing you to add muscle. It’s also a great way to start and end a workout. Warming your muscles up can help prevent injury and will help with recovery.


If you’re looking to add more mass, lifting will be one of the top things on your to-do list. The parts of the body you target are where you will see the muscle development. If you are just looking at bulking all over, doing compound exercises will help work multiple muscles at one time. Some common exercises are bench press and squats for both the upper and lower body. You shouldn’t neglect parts of your body as you will only be as strong as your weakest body part.


Proper rest will help your muscles grow after a workout. You should be getting the right amount of sleep each day. Overworking your muscles can actually hurt and even stunt your growth. Rest days should not be considered the enemy, as they are your friend. Your muscles need to be broken down and then repaired. This is the muscle growth process. The pain you feel after a workout session is that cycle at work.


Proper meal preparation will make your life a lot easier when it comes to your diet. Having a set plan will help you keep track of what you are eating and drinking. Gaining muscle depends on how disciplined you are. Having too many cheat days or just “winging” it will not cut it. You have to purposely do things in order to get strong.


It’s important to remember that no matter how often you work out, it will take time to put on muscle. You won’t become bigger and stronger overnight. It’s a process. If you put in the time, don’t worry. You will begin to see results. Don’t give up when things aren’t going as fast as you thought they would. Determine to see it through to the end.  

Your muscle mass should be based on the fighting weight class you’ll be in. Once you know that, you’re good to start training and getting your body into fighting shape.  

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