Cage Warriors debutants set to throwdown at CW 124

Cage Warriors debutants Dominique Wooding and Cameron Hardy will square off with each other at next months CW 124 card on 25th June.

CW 124 will be the second night of Cage Warriors upcoming trilogy and is shaping up to be a card filled with fun fights.

Speaking on both Wooding and Hardy, Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan said: “This is what Cage Warriors is all about, giving young, hungry and talented European fighters a chance to shine in competitive matchups on a big stage.

“Wooding is coming in off the back of two close losses, but he is very dangerous as his six KO wins show.

“Hardy is equally as dangerous and has finished five fights.

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“This fight is going to be so much fun for our fans to watch.”

Speaking on the announcement of his debut Hardy said: “I’m absolutely buzzing to be making my Cage Warriors debut and to showcase my skills as one of the best in Europe.

“Wooding is a great striker with an all-round good game who has fought tough opposition so I’m looking forward to this fight.

“I will always go for the finish in my fights and that’s how this one will go down too.”

When asked about the feeling of fighting on Cage Warriors for the first time, Wooding said: “It feels good to be making my Cage Warriors debut.

“Hardy’s game but he’s not on my level.

“My goal in Cage Warriors is to get in, make some statements, get that belt and head to the UFC.”

Cage Warriors fans will be able to watch the action live on UFC FightPass and via Cage Warriors’ global broadcast partners


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