Fairtex sign with Cage Warriors to become the official glove supplier

Cage Warriors are very pleased to announce a partnership with Fairtex to supply fighter gloves for the rest of 2021.

Fairtex are one of the most recognisable and reputable brands in the world of martial arts and will again supply Cage Warrior’s iconic yellow gloves to fighters.

Speaking on the partnership, Cage Warriors president Graham Boylan said: “We are very pleased to have Fairtex on board as our official glove supplier.

“Everyone involved in martial arts recognises the name of Fairtex, and associates it with high quality, and we of course want to make sure our fighters wear the highest quality gloves when competing.”

CEO of Fairtex, Chano Nurmakin, added: “It has been our pleasure to be part of the longest running European MMA organisation and even more exciting to see Cage Warriors’ expansion into the US market.

“This is a big move for Cage Warriors & Fairtex and it’s an honour to join forces on this journey as the official competition glove of Cage Warriors.

“We will make sure we deliver quality to the hand of the Cage Warriors athlete in both Europe & the US.”

Cage Warriors will host it’s first ever show in California on 1st August, and prior to this, will be holding it’s fourth trilogy of events in June.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Cage Warriors has hosted 10 shows, putting in place protocols to protect fighters and staff from the Covid-19 virus, whilst also ensuring fans watching from home were treated to regular MMA action.

Cage Warriors has several more shows planned for 2021, including it’s next trilogy series and it’s maiden show in the sunshine state of California.


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