Cannabis in Sports: A Friend or a Foe?

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Improving your athletic performance takes more exercise and good food choices. But athlete’s health both physically and mental play an important role in achieving your goals. Better sports performance means more practice. However, exercising daily puts stress on your body and sometimes results in pain and injuries. Both of these require effective methods of pain management and recovery.

While there are many treatments, they have side effects and are dangerous. Using natural treatment alternatives like cannabis is the best choice. Cannabis herbs and seeds help with insomnia and reducing stress, which are factors that can reduce athletic performance. It also helps in treating other conditions such as pain and helps improve focus recovery, and weight control.

But like many sports enthusiasts, you may be wondering if picking cannabis is the right choice. Can it help you improve your performance or it’s dangerous?

Cannabis for Sports

Cannabis is the new sports medicine that has lots to offer. When it comes to sports, being injured is unavoidable. Therefore, a solution is to have an effective recovery plan. Cannabis is quickly becoming every athlete’s friend because of its beneficial properties.

It contains CBD and THC which are useful in achieving a balance in the endocannabinoid system. When there is a balance, your overall health improves. As a result, cannabis offers an athletic advantage in sports.

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Cannabis is promising and may be suitable for everyone who has an active lifestyle and can benefit from an effective and safer recovery method. It can treat minor to major injuries.

That said, let’s look at some of the ways athletes can benefit from using cannabis.

1. Pain Relief

One of the biggest benefits that athletes get from using cannabis is pain relief. Better performance requires them to engage in strenuous training that can cause wear and tear. To many, taking opioids is not an option due to the health risks it comes with. Cannabis is a safer way they can stop the pain and allow them to exercise more without encouraging addiction problems.

Studies suggest that athletes using cannabis can heal faster from injuries. Cannabis stimulates healing allowing quick recoveries. Another way athletes can benefit from cannabis’s pain-relieving properties is its effectiveness in fighting inflammation. While it is an important part of the healing process, chronic inflammation can cause discomfort. But research findings reveal that cannabis may help fight inflammation.

2. Relieves Anxiety

Many athletes experience anxiety out of fear of failure. It can happen before or during sports competitions. Your performance can decrease when you are anxious because your body fails to smoothly coordinate movements. Preparing yourself psychologically before sports events can increase your performance. This means helping your mind to overcome anxiety and other mental health disorders.

Anxiety can come through stress and depression. Therefore, solving anxiety means using a treatment that eases stress and depression as well—something which cannabis thrives at, according to research. Marijuana seeds are often used to calm anxiety, managing anxiety also means reducing insomnia levels. Improved night’s sleep allows your mind to relax and your body to repair, leading to better performance.

3. Enhances Focus

Cannabis can help athletes to improve focus. This is due to cannabis’s relaxing effects. Improving focus means your brain can only concentrate the task ahead which can considerably boost your performance.CBD contained in cannabis is responsible for improved focus. It achieves this by increasing the serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin reduces depression and anxiety allowing athletes to concentrate better.

In addition, cannabis allows them to experience a runner’s high. This feeling of euphoria or happiness reduces anxiety and sensitivity to pain. The runner’s high feeling is caused by the release of anandamide. Although the body produces anandamide naturally, taking cannabis before exercising can help to improve your performance.

4. Increases Endurance

Muscular strength and endurance are critical in sports. These qualities can improve your ability to cycle or run long distances. Cannabis can help to improve your muscle strength and endurance.It boosts your runner’s high which makes the activity less painful and easier. This allows long-distance runners to endure challenges.

Cannabis can also help athletes manage muscle cramps that occur during endurance events. Nearly, every athlete has experienced muscle cramps. They are painful and the only way to stop them is stopping what you’re doing which is not good for sports. Taking cannabis and exercising more can help you to avoid unnecessary muscle cramps. Cannabis Strains like sativa, indica  can also benefit athletes with multiple sclerosis.

5. Increases Muscle Gain

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Exercising causes damage to muscles first before developing. What cannabis does is reduce the damage on muscles and faster the recovery process. This contributes to muscle growth.This benefit makes cannabis suitable to athletes whose aim is to gain muscles for activities like weight lifting. Another way cannabis encourages muscle growth is by preventing inflammation.

However, cannabis itself doesn’t directly cause muscle growth. It triggers body processes to produce and maintain the right testosterone levels. Boosting testosterone levels may encourage muscle growth. Research reveals that there is a significant hormonal change upon taking cannabis. Boosting testosterone levels allows athletes to feel more energized. This means they can train longer and build more muscle mass.


While cannabis remains an illegal substance in sports, researches reveal its potential benefits to athletes. As the popularity of cannabis increases, more research will help subdue the stigma and clarify its benefits.

Cannabis has positive effects on athletes’ overall health. It can also improve their performance by fighting inflammation, encouraging recovery and muscle growth, as well as improving mental health.

There could be more benefits of cannabis to discover in the future. But as you consider adding it into your routine to boost your fitness and performance, make sure to consult an expert.


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