CBD Review Featuring Lyoto Machida

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When you train as hard as Lyoto Machida, you need techniques to recover and recharge effectively. For Lyoto, it comes down to discipline. For this article, we wanted to do something extra special for you. Lyoto Machida took some time to help us understand his regimen and ways he is mindful of his wellness nowadays.

Lyoto Machida’s next fight is combating misinformation about the use of CBD products, and he’s providing us with more insights into his healthy, new lifestyle.  

“I was searching for something to help me continue training to become the best me, and I started to get (a growing) interest into these CBD-infused products.  Man, I tried a bunch of them out there and finally discovered the ones that work for me.”

With CBD products, there’s a lot of misinformation out there — we’re still too early in the research process to know whether CBD actually provides relief for all the other health concerns that companies like to promote it does, but certain CBD products do seem to be working well for Machida in his recovery efforts.

“I would have soreness in some of my joints and muscles, and of course, I’d just push through it and do what I gotta do.  With CBD creams, I just add a dab of the cream and rub it around– it’s pretty crazy; the soreness goes away in (a matter of) seconds.”

He went on to further reiterate that it’s not an intoxicating high or anything like that, but instead, it kind of feels like an euphoric experience.  With a straight-face, and all seriousness he concluded, “This is it.”

Editor’s Note:

I was curious to try his CBD oil products as he’s sponsored by one of the top CBD companies in the nation, and from my experience, the water soluble CBD tincture really does help me with overcoming minor aches and pains.  

Back to Lyoto’s Point-of-View:

“It all starts with discipline, though. You get out of life what you put in.  I add a drop of Evolution’s water soluble in my morning coffee, do my first round of workouts, add the CBD cream and go on with my day.  Evolution CBD really keeps me going through the day, and it’s my job to spread-the-word about a product I’ve really been using with the results I’ve needed.  Now, it’s time for all of us to keep spreading the word, cause it’s about to get crazy!”

Lyoto now spends much of his time educating people at speaking engagements across the world, and in advocating for the use of CBD in professional sports.  This seems timely as other professional sports leagues are exploring the use of CBD for elite athletes, including the NFL-NFLPA Pain Management Committee.  Lyoto Machida has recently received his own brand ambassador page which can be found at evolutioncbd.com.


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