CES MMA 49 Play-By-Play, Official Results and Photographs

Lincoln, R.I. (Sun, April 8, 2018)– CES 49 will took place on Friday April 6, 2018 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I. The main card aired LIVE on AXS TV Fights.

FightBookMMA’s correspondent Jarett Kelly covered the event. Below you will find our play-by-play. For the video highlights you can go here.


Welterweight Title Fight – 3 x 5

Son of Siam & Team Quest / Cincinnati, OH.
17-5, 7 KO, 2 Submissions

Forge Fight Team / Moorestown, NJ.
18-4, 5 KO, 6 Submissions

Round 1

Starts with both taking the center. Blue pushes to the cage, they tie up. Blue tries for the single leg. They clinch again with Curtis trying for his own takedown. They separate and go to the center. Hard left for blue glances Chris. Takedown by blue. He has Curtis against the cage, not letting up. Rights by Red on top to the mid and head of Curtis. Curtis try to get up but is stuffed and taken down again. They are tied up on the fence, Curtis is trying to get out. they Separate as the round ends, hard shots by both to the body as the round ends.

Round 2

Rights by both to start. Jabs by Red, responded by the same by Blue. Hard left overhand by blue. Body shot by blue. Shot to the head by Curtis. Right by Curtis, Blue shoots for the single leg and gets Chris down. Side mount for Blue against the fence. Curtis with the neck or Red from the bottom. They stand up. Clinch again on the cage. Left by Curtis connects, doesn’t faze Blue. jabs seem to be working for Curtis and Norwood. Round ends.

Round 3

Starts with more jabs by both. Kicks as well, nothing substantial. Small mouse under the right eye or Norwood. Left to the face for Norwood. Takedown attempt by Blue doesn’t work. Low blow by Norwood, accidental. Quickly back to action. Hard overhand by Curtis. Curtis catches a low kick and tries to take him down. Trading shots, but not anything to write home about. Hard right by Norwood to the face as the round ends.

Round 4

Left and right by the champ. Norwood shoots in as Curtis grabs his neck. Blue with a single leg attempt. They separate. Clinch on the cage. again, low blow by Blue, action stopped. This one hurt Curtis. Ref takes a point away for it. Back at the action. Quick low blow by blue, they separate. Again, back to action. Curtis the aggressor. Shots to the body by Curtis. Right connects. jabs by Curtis. Hard right by the champ. Jabs by blue to just keep Curtis at distance. Right jab by Curtis to the bloody face of Norwood. Right and left again by the champ. Left hand right by the champ as the round ends, Norwood on shaky legs to end the round.

Round 5

Final round, they touch gloves. Quick to the jabs by the champ. Blue is hurting. Blue shoots but it is stopped. Blue clinches on the cage. Takedown attempt not working They separate. Jabs by Curtis land. Kick to the mid by Norwood. The jabs are still flying by both. Good shot by Blue. High kick by Curtis. Blue with the takedown attempt, quickly stopped on the fence. The fights end with hard shots by the champ. Left lands hard at the bell.
Judge’s decision 50-44, 48-46 by unanimous for Chris Curtis and he is still the champ.

Vacant Lightweight Title Fight – 5 x 5

NEC / East Providence, RI.
12-1, 5 KO, 7 Submissions

Fight Science / Gardena, CA.
9-3, 4 KO, 3 Submissions

Round 1

Hard shots by both to start, Nate goes down with a kick. Head kick by Nate. hard left by Nate. Right by Blue connects. Left by Nate to the face. Hard body and head shots by Nate. Nate is taken down. Blue on top, trying to pass guard. Elbows for Blue, He gets side control. Blue is handling Nate easy while on top. Nate gives u his back and Blue sinks in the rear naked. He’s trying to get out and he gets out. Wow. Takes the top. and Nate pounces. Gets his back but they separate. Knees by Nate to the mid. What a battle. Spinning back fist connects for Nate. they tie up. Nate takes him down but Red takes the top. Side control for Padilla. He’s trying to pass the guard of Nate but isn’t successful. Padilla gets on top as the round ends.

Round 2

Starts with blue as the aggressor. Jab by Nate. Left to the head of Padilla clinch and go down. Blue on top. Nate tries to get up but is stopped. Nate switches and is on top. Takes his back but they get up. RNC by Nate and its tight but he turns out of it. Nate again takes his back. RNC and Nate becomes the NEW CES lightweight champ. Ref stepped in @2:04 of the 2nd tap by RNC.

Welterweight Fight – 3 x 5

Tri-Force / Cranston, RI.
5-1, 2 KO, 3 Submissions

Renzo Gracie Philly / Philadelphia, PA.
3-1, 1 KO, 2 Submissions

Round 1

Fight starts with blue kicking not landing. Hard shots by both on the feet. Hard shots by blue pushes Gary to the fence. Gary gets caught and he goes down. Red pounces and the ref steps in to stop the fight. @.57 by TKO for Wells.

Flyweight Fight – 3 x 5

BST Fitness / Milford, MA.
6-0, 1 KO, 5 Submissions

(9/27/1988) Bomb squad / Binghamton, NY. 3-1, 1 KO, 2 Submissions

Round 1

Fights starts with Richie taking the center, lands a left. Quick kidney shot and Richie drops. Blue pounces and that’s a wrap. Shot to the solar plexus and Richie could not come back. Ref stops the right @.55 tap by Darce choke for Almy Huge upset, kudos Matt.

Straweight Fight – 3 x 5

Gracie Fitness / Fall River, MA.
8-6, 2 KO, 1 Submission

Team Tiger Schulman / Brooklyn, NY.
3-2, 1 KO, 1 Submission

Round 1

Quick takedown my Kaline. Red is trying to pass guard They tie up with Klaine on top. Blue is trying to tie her up. Still ties up with Kaline on top. Left followed by a right connect. They stand up. Left connects for Kaline. Tie up on the cage by blue, they break up. Red shoots and blue falls. Back up. blows by both. Hard right by red connects. Spinning back kick by red misses. Rounds ends with a hard right and left by blue.

Round 2

Take down by Kaline, she stays on top. Left by Kaline. They tie up against the cage, red the aggressor. Left and right by Blue connect. Punches by Jenna are connecting. Hard knees by blue but Kaline takes her down. Gain trying to pass guard buy Jenna is not having any of it. They stand up. They make it to the center as the round ends. Hard left by Kaline.

Round 3

Final round starts with a tap and a quick takedown attempt by Kaline that was stopped. Blue pushes Kaline to the cage and they tie up. Kaline catches her and picks Jenna up and slams her. She is on top. Mid shots to head shots to try to pass guard. They are back up. Kaline drops her with a right. Hard right by blue. Kaline takes her down and again is on top. They are still on the ground with Kaline putting it on. She pushes sup as the fight comes to an end. Kaline on top. Judge’s decision 30-27 for Kaline.

Featherweight Fight – 3 x 5

Team Soriano / Woonsocket, RI.
10-5, 5 KO, 3 Submissions

American Top Team OKC / Oklahoma City, OK
13-9, 7 KO, 3 Submissions

Round 1

Fight starts with High kick by Sean. Left and right to follow. Kick blocked by Blue. High kick by Sean. Right drops blue and red pounces. Sean gets his back and the rest is history. Blue taps. Soriano @1:21 of the very first round.

Bantamweight Fight – 3 x 5

NEC / Providence, RI.
4-0, 1 KO, 1 Submission

Fight House MMA / Lansing, MI.
6-2, 1 KO, 5 Submissions

Round 1

Fight starts with touching of the gloves. Hard right by blue connects. They tie u and clinch. Red stops the takedown. Red try’s the take down but Marquis stops it. Again, against the cage with the clinch. Blue with a hard knee to the head. They go back to the center of the cage. Left connects by blue. ick to the mid by blue. Red connects and takes him to the cage. Pressure and knees by red. Red takes him down and takes the top. Side control my Marquis. Shots to the mid by Red. Trying to mount as the round comes to an end.

Round 2

Hard right to red as he shoots. Left and right for blue and he takes him down. Marquis ends up on top. Red trying for mount. Blue is holding his gloves to prevent it. Red almost has mount as he hits the mid of blue from the top. Marquis still on top trying to pass. Elbow from red while on top. Red is up on the feet trying to bait blue. Red pounces and they tie up on the canvas again. Red on top. He pounds the face as the round comes to an end.

Round 3

Left and right by red blue is gassed. Shoots for the takedown and gets it. Red on top. Red is on top again trying to pass guard against the cage. Elbow from the bottom by blue to reds face. Back up and they take the center. Misses by both. Left kick and right by blue connect but Red takes him down again. Elbow from top. Another elbow. Blue with and arm bar attempt but Marquis drops a bomb on him and again gets on top. They tie up. Red pounces on top as the fight comes to an end. Judge’s decision. 29-28 29-27 for Marquis.

Bantamweight Fight – 3 x 5

Tri-Force / Providence, RI.
2-0, 1 KO, 1 Submission

Bomb squad / Homer, NY.
3-1, 1 Submission

Round 1

Starts with Hands by both and a quick knockdown by Blue. Blue takes top. The head in under lock. Douma is out and takes top. They get up. Douma gets on top. Pounds the head from the back. Red with the knock down. Douma has the top with a good D from blue on the back. They get up. Right and left by blue. Hard right again by blue. Again, hard right by blue a red comes in. Left and right by Douma. Red shoots but is denied. Slam by blue, he tries for side control. Blue ends on top as the round ends.

Round 2.

Red takes the center of the cage. Right by both land. Right to the temple by Blue. Shots by both, blue gets red with an under hook. Rights again by both. Red takes him down and lands on top. They switch and Douma goes ham and throws hand after hand and the ref steps in. Ref stops the fight by TKO of round @2:51 for Douma.

Flyweight Fight – 3 x 5

BST Fitness / Woonsocket, RI.
1-0, 1 Submission

MCF Warpath Boxing & MMA / Bronx, NY.
Pro Debut

Round 1

Round starts with each feeling each other out. Blue takes the center. Hard right by red, still standing. Hard right by blue, glances red. Blue shoots for a takedown. Red with the single leg and takes blue down. They stand. Hard right by blue as they are tied up. They go down but back up quick. Clinch on the cage. Blue with shots to the head of red. Red with a takedown slam. Blue panics and red gets on top. Has mount. Elbows by blue as they switch it up. Blue try’s the head lock as the go down, Lugo on top. Arm bar attempt by blue as the round come to a stop.

Round 2

Hard kicks by blue tot start. Blue checked a kick and blue falls with an injury. Ref immediately stops the fight. Blue is slamming the mat in pain and frustration. Looks ACL/MCL Lugo takes the win via TKO due to ref stoppage @.17 of the 2nd round.

Lightweight Fight – 3 x 5

Team Link / Springfield, MA.

No Limits Kickboxing / Patchogue, NY.
Pro Debut

Round 1

Touch gloves. Casey takes his down quick, gets on top. Pat slams him after an arm bar attempt. They stand. Trade blows. Hard right by Casey. Hard hands by both. Knee by blue. Left connects by blue. Stand up by both, connecting. Hard right by Red. Both stay up. Casey takes him down, ground and pound. Hard shots on top. Casey stands up and they get up via the ref. Kicks by blue. Red drops his with a right. Blue looks gassed. Casey with some kicks at distance. Hard shots by both. Blue shoots to take him down, Casey stops it. Hard shots to the head by both. Both gassing as the round comes to an end. Both on the feet.

Round 2

Starts with blue being the aggressor. Lefts and rights. Casey takes him down from the back. Pat on top. Side control as they tie up. Heavy pressure from Casey Pat still on top trying to pass the mount. Red is toeing up nice form the ground but doing no damage. Ref steps in and stops action for a cut to blue. Doc comes in to check the right eye area. Doc clears him and back to the action. Red shoots in and takes blue down with a slam. End up on the back. Pat back on top, turns over and has blues back. end of the round.

Round 3

Blue is the aggressor and shoots in. Take red down and he has the neck but red is on top. Red on top trying to push. Red takes his back as blue turn around. Red almost at mount, half guard. Clinch on the cage with red as the aggressor. Red again gets him down but blue is back up. but back down again. Side control as the round is ending for Red but nothing to come from it. Round ends with red on top. Judge’s decision. 30-27, 30-26 for Pat Casey.

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