CFC 10’s Daniel Wheeler: “It’s going to be a standup war in there”

Clarksville, Tennessee: Johnathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 10 will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, Tennessee

Daniel Wheeler is a experienced MMA veteran in the Tennessee and Kentucky areas. On June 26th he returns to the CFC to try to get back in the win column when he takes on Nate Huitt in the CFC Lightweight division. CEO of FightBook MMA had the opportunuty to sit down and talk to Daneil. Check out the conversation below.

FBMMA: Daniel thanks for taking the time to talk with us again! This time before your fight at CFC 10 in a little over 3 weeks away. How has training been going for this fight? We know you train with CFC standout George Pieratt so we are sure the gym has been electric!

Daniel: Yeah man training is going great. With George, Xander, Adonis, and all of those guys man the gym is always blowing up!

FBMMA: You’ve been hot and cold in the CFC up to this point in your career. What’s going to solidify the fact that June 26th you come out hot and walk out of the cage with a victory that night?

Daniel: It’s all going to be on me.

FBMMA: At CFC 10 you fighting a debuting MMA fighter named Nate Huitt who we understand you met recently. How was that encounter and did you leave the meeting looking forward to the fight?

Daneil: Yeah I met him. He is a real stand up guy and nothing bad to say about the man but definitely looking forward to seeing him the 26th

FBMMA: Do you feel like the fact that you train daily with so many highly ranked fighter’s that compete in the CFC organization gives you an advantage in this fight? Or do you look at it like it’s only you in the cage fighting not your teammates?

Daniel: Man hats off to all those guys I train with but when you step in that cage it’s an entire new world. So I look at it like hey I’m here I’ve been here before and now let’s get it done.

FBMMA: Before we ask your prediction on your fight at CFC 10. Like we said you train side by side with CFC #3 Ranked Lightweight George Pieratt who is fighting for the Lightweight title against champion Jaime Vasquez. How does that fight end in your opinion and why?

Daniel: Jaime is a well rounded fighter and he is a pretty good guy but he is stepping in with George whom I partner with daily. I can’t really predict the out come to be honest with you because George has became a complete fighter so now when he knocks him out or tko’s Jaime the second round I didn’t predict it (laughs).

FBMMA: OK Daniel June 26th at CFC 10 your fighting Nate Huitt. How does the fight end and why? What’s your prediction.

Daniel: I’m not going to try and predict my own fight because Nate has a fighting background that we just don’t know for sure about but I know he has kick boxed so it’s going to be a standup war in there.

FBMMA: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and best of luck in your fight Daniel. It’s always a pleasure to talk with you. Do you have anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to before we go?

Daniel: Yeah man always a pleasure Sir and I’d like to shout out and thank My coach Lance, Xander, Adonis, Mr. Morris, George, Elijah, Alejandro, man all those guys the list goes on and most importantly my friend and family and my mother and especially My Wife for putting up with me through all this!


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